Keeping Up With The K-Celebs Slash Brand Ambassadors

Various brands vibin’ with K-stars

Finger hearts up! Various brands are lining up to get South Korean celebrities as their brand ambassadors in 2023.

2022 saw actress Jun Ji Hyun as the new face of Burberry, K-pop girl group NMIXX for Loewe, and more. Now, we’ve rounded up the latest Korean brand ambassadors making headlines and are on their way to dominating the fashion, food, and beauty industries. 

Latest Korean brand ambassadors

1. RIIZE for Louis Vuitton

These boys aren’t playing around. RIIZE, who are known for their playful and catchy songs such as Get A Guitar and Talk Saxy, are the new ambassadors of Louis Vuitton.

The K-pop group just debuted this year and comprises Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Sohee, and Anton. Seunghan was required to halt his activities with the group due to controversies surrounding his past. 

2. Jisoo for Dyson Beauty and Dunst

K-pop superstar Jisoo is the new ambassador for Dyson Beauty! The brand praised her natural beauty and how she elevates her hair health.

Jisoo is also the ambassador for Dunst. When you think of the global K-pop phenomenon BLACKPINK, glitter and bling would immediately come to mind. But Dunst’s campaign shows that Jisoo can also pull off the cool, schoolgirl aesthetic. 

3. Mun Ka Young for Dolce & Gabbana

True Beauty star Mun Ka Young is Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana’s new ambassador. According to the brand, “Her sophisticated and versatile sense of style captured global attention during her appearance at the recent Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Milan.”

You can learn more about her best D&G looks right here.

4. aespa’s Winter for Polo Ralph Lauren

aespa’s main vocalist Winter is bringing on the heat as the new ambassador for Polo Ralph Lauren. She joins labelmate Mark Lee from NCT in repping the American luxury fashion brand. 

Aside from being a fashion ambassador, Winter is booked and busy in the music realm with promoting her group’s album Drama and taking part in the soundtracks for Castaway Diva and My Demon. 

5. ENHYPEN for Dr.Jart+ and Prada

K-pop fans and K-beauty lovers, unite! ENHYPEN’s members are the first global ambassadors of the skincare brand Dr.Jart+.

ENHYPEN’s members are also ambassadors for Prada, marking the group’s first official partnership with a luxury brand. The group previously sported the brand’s pieces at award shows and events. They also attended Prada’s Fall 2023 menswear show at the start of 2023.

ENHYPEN is a seven-member group consisting of Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-Ki. They recently released their fifth mini album ORANGE BLOOD.

6. TWICE’s Tzuyu for Pond’s Skin Institute

TWICE’s Tzuyu is the new muse of Pond’s Skin Institute! She starred in the brand’s Miracles Happen campaign and promoted the new product line that’s made with niasorcinol, an ingredient that reportedly enhances the skin’s ability to self-repair.

Tzuyu is a Taiwanese member, lead dancer, visual, and sub-vocalist of TWICE. She’s also the maknae (meaning youngest member).

7. LE SSERAFIM for Louis Vuitton

LE SSERAFIM’s members, namely, Chae-won, Yun-jin, Sakura, Kazuha, and Eun-chae are the new House ambassadors for Louis Vuitton.

The group debuted in 2022 and became known for songs such as ANTIFRAGILE and UNFORGIVEN. Their first English song Perfect Night trended for its upbeat tune and cute choreography.

8. Park Gyu-young for Gucci

“Netflix’s Daughter” Park Gyu-young is the new ambassador for Gucci! She’s known for her signature short hair bob and stylish outfits which she sported at Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show in Milan and in Dazed Korea’s November edition. 

Aside from her partnership with Gucci, Gyu-young is booked and busy this year with dramas such as Sweet Home 2 and A Good Day to Be a Dog.

9. IVE’s Wonyoung for AMUSE

IVE’s Wonyoung, who’s known for her doll-like visuals and glass skin, has bagged another K-beauty brand — AMUSE! She was also selected to be the brand ambassador for INNISFREE back in 2021.

Wonyoung is a 19-year-old K-pop idol and host who was previously a member of the former group Iz*One and is now part of IVE. The group’s latest album is I’ve Mine which contains the addictive single Baddie.

10. SEVENTEEN’s DK for Bally

Vocal king SEVENTEEN’s DK or Dokyeom is the new ambassador for Swiss luxury fashion house Bally! The brand’s CEO said, “We're thrilled to have versatile artist DK from iconic group Seventeen as our new global ambassador. His trendy style and warm personality perfectly fit with Bally's core values."

DK is known for singing the catchy song Go! in Twenty Five Twenty One’s OST. He’s also the leader of the SEVENTEEN’s sub-unit BSS. The group recently took over TikTok with songs such as Fighting (feat. Lee Young Ji) and 7PM (feat. Peder Elias). 

11. TWICE’s Chaeyoung for ETRO

TWICE’s Chaeyoung makes history as the first brand ambassador for ETRO in Japan! ETRO is an Italian fashion house known for men's and women's clothing, accessories, fragrances, and home furnishings. 

Chaeyoung is a singer, main rapper, songwriter, and dancer. She’s known for writing the rap part in Precious Love, a song the group covered in 2016, Don’t Give Up, and more.

12. TWICE’s Sana for Prada and YSL Beauty

Sana has collaborated with Italian luxury fashion house Prada since 2019, but this is the first time she's been officially named as an endorsement model. Sana is also YSL Beauty Japan's muse. She attended the launch of the brand’s new eye shadow Couture Mini Clutch in Tokyo in July.

Aside from being a brand ambassador, Sana is known for being a charming vocalist and performer from TWICE. She’s known for her cutesy image and once became viral for her part in the song Cheer Up. She also recently debuted as one of the members of TWICE’s Japanese sub-unit MISAMO.

13. NCT’s Jungwoo for Tod’s 

NCT’s Jungwoo becomes the first male brand ambassador of Tod’s in Korea! NCTzens can look forward to more of the artist’s stylish side since the brand said, “Sharing the same passion for timeless style and the contemporary spirit of the brand, Jungwoo will accompany the brand in many of its activities in Korea.”

Jungwoo is a music show host and vocalist of NCT 127 and NCT U. He’s also part of the group’s latest sub-unit NCT DJJ along with Dolce & Gabbana ambassador Doyoung and Prada ambassador Jaehyun. 

14. Tiffany Young for Moschino

Tiffany Young is the new house ambassador of Moschino! She will star in the brand’s upcoming Fall/Winter 2023 campaign. According to Massimo Ferretti, chairman of Moschino’s parent company Aeffe Group, “Her bold singular approach to all facets of music, film and fashion align seamlessly with the brand’s design and commitment to timeless excellence.” 

She debuted in 2007 with Girls’ Generation and started going solo in 2016. Lately, she has been focusing on her career as an actress.

15. Stray Kids’ Felix for Louis Vuitton

What a great day to be a STAY (Stray Kids fan)! Vocalist, rapper, and dancer Felix is the new ambassador of Louis Vuitton. How did the partnership come about? Louis Vuitton’s women’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière shared, “I am thrilled that Felix is joining Louis Vuitton. I met him when I presented my Pre-Fall 2023 Collection in Seoul and it instantly clicked between us. He is really talented — I love his energy, his unique personality, and his audacious sense of style."

16. Lee Youngji for Coach

Rapper Lee Youngji makes history as the first Korean global ambassador of Coach! She will be starring in the brand’s upcoming Fall 2023 campaign.

Lee Youngji rose to fame after being the first female to win Show Me The Money, a popular rap competition in Korea. She also became known for her YouTube talk show My Alcohol Diary and has interviewed various celebrities such as BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, aespa’s Karina, BTS’ Jin, and more and her collab with SEVENTEEN’s sub-unit BSS for the song Fighting. She’s gearing up for her first Asia tour and is coming to Singapore on 20 October.

17. TXT for Dior and Clio

We’re on a sugar rush ride and thrilled with the news that the TXT members are the new brand ambassadors for Dior! This is the first time that the luxury brand has selected all members of a K-pop group to be its ambassadors. Earlier this year, they were also announced as ambassadors for the K-beauty brand Clio.

The group has grown outside of simply being known as the “brothers” of BTS since they were the first group that their agency debuted after the sensational boy group. TXT has become popular worldwide for its addictive and relatable hits such as 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) and Sugar Rush Ride alongside their youthful and sometimes fantasy-themed music videos. You can check out our review of their new documentary here.

18. (G)I-DLE’s Minnie for Miu Miu

(G)I-DLE’s Minnie definitely has the queencard because she’s the new ambassador of the Italian high fashion brand Miu Miu! She’s a Thailand-born singer, songwriter, and actress known for the Netflix series So Not Worth It.

(G)I-DLE is known for being a K-pop group whose members are directly in the creation of their music. They are currently going on their world tour and will be coming to Singapore on 29 October.

19. (G)I-DLE’s Mi-yeon for Jimmy Choo

(G)I-DLE’s Mi-yeon has also bagged a luxury brand deal with Jimmy Choo. Its creative director Sandra Choi said, “Mi-yeon is magnetic. From her musical talent to her captivating performances and inimitable personal style, she truly embodies the confident, playful spirit and creative energy of Jimmy Choo. We are thrilled to have Mi-yeon join our global Jimmy Choo community.”

Mi-yeon echoed the brand’s excitement and added, “I feel more confident when I am wearing Jimmy Choo. I can’t wait to share the beautiful campaign we worked on.”

20. Dahyun for Michael Kors

Korean Brand Ambassadors - Dahyun for Michael Kors

A confident and stylish queen.

TWICE’s Dahyun is Michael Kors’ new global ambassador! The luxury brand’s designer said, “I’m excited to embrace the world of music and performance with Dahyun. She’s energetic, animated and has truly captured a global audience. From her incredible talent to her individual style, she’s the perfect representation of our brand.”

Dahyun is known for being a rapper, dancer, and singer from the K-pop girl group TWICE. She’s also a songwriter who wrote songs such as Gone and When We Were Kids. 

21. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin for Versace

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin is now part of Versace’s ambassador family! Back in May, he attended a Versace event in France, and now, he’s gearing up for the brand’s 2023 Holiday campaign which will be launched in November. 

Hyunjin is a rapper, singer-songwriter and composer from the K-pop group Stray Kids which debuted in 2018. 

22. BTS' V for Cartier and CELINE

Another day, another BTS brand ambassador. V (AKA Kim Tae-hyung) has bagged a luxury brand deal with French jewellery house Cartier. 

Aside from jewellery, V is also a brand ambassador of CELINE. On top of working with other brands, he’s rumoured to make his solo album debut before the year ends. 

23. Yoona for Qeelin Jewellery

Second-generation K-pop idol and trending K-drama actress Yoona is the new brand ambassador of Qeelin Jewellery. According to the Chinese brand, “By welcoming Yoona Lim to the ambassador family, we are excited to introduce Qeelin's unique interpretation of oriental beauty to the world.”

Yoona is known for being sought after by both South Korean and international brands throughout the course of her 15-year career in the showbiz industry.

24. IVE for PUMA

Korean brand ambassadors - IVE

PUMA joins the DIVE club.

K-pop girl group IVE is PUMA's Asia-Pacific (APAC) latest ambassador! IVE is composed of six members namely, Ahn Yujin (who became an ambassador for Fendi in January), Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo. Aside from their top-model vibes, they’re known for their catchy dance challenges and sweet vocals which you’ll find in their popular songs I AM, After LIKE, and ELEVEN.

25. Han So Hee for Boucheron and CHARLES & KEITH

Korean brand ambassadors - Han So Hee

K-drama queen Han So Hee. (Photos from: @boucheron, CHARLES & KEITH)

Actress and model Han So Hee becomes the first Korean global ambassador of Boucheron! The French luxury jewellery and watch house had nothing but praise for the star. The brand shared, “Remaining singular, stylish, and bold has always been part of her role choices as an actress and self-expression in daily life and is true to the free spirit of the Maison.”

She is also CHARLES & KEITH’s ambassador. The brand praised her authentic individuality, confidence, and creativity and has announced that she will be fronting the upcoming Fall Winter 2023 campaign, which will be unveiled in the third quarter of 2023. 

Aside from being known for her mesmerising looks, Han So Hee is also beloved for her acting prowess. Action, historical, romance — it’s like she could do it all. Han So Hee has starred in My Name, 100 Days My Prince, Soundtrack #1, Nevertheless, The World of the Married, and more.

26. SEVENTEEN's Vernon for KENZO


Vernon with KENZO’s Artistic Director Nigo.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon is KENZO’s first global ambassador! The French luxury fashion house’s Artistic Director Nigo said he’s pleased and grateful to welcome the K-pop star to the KENZO family. Vernon’s equally excited about the partnership and hopes to show a new side to his fans. He will be starring in various campaigns for the brand’s apparel and sneakers. 

Vernon is a 25-year-old Korean-American rapper, vocalist, and SEVENTEEN’s “face of the group”. 

27. NCT's Taeyong for Loewe

NCT's Taeyong for Loewe

A perfect match.

NCT’s Taeyong is Loewe’s new ambassador! He’s known for being a fashion lover and someone with a unique personal style. He has been a long-time supporter of the Spanish luxury brand’s innovative design and craftsmanship, often blending the brand’s key runway pieces with casual wardrobe staples for a contemporary fashion-forward look.

Taeyong is the leader, main rapper, and main dancer in NCT. He recently released his first solo album SHALALA

28. Lee Sung Kyung for Bio-essence

Lee Sung Kyung for Bio-essence

Lee Sung Kyung with Bio-essence’s Bio-Gold 24K Gold Water. (Photo from: Bio-essence)

The youthful-looking K-actress and model Lee Sung Kyung is the new ambassador for Bio-essence. According to the brand, her approachable elegance, versatility, and sophisticated talents align with Bio-essence’s masstige image and vision to provide innovative skincare solutions. 

Aside from Bio-essence, Lee Sung Kyung is also the ambassador of K-beauty brand Laneige and J-beauty brand Shiseido.

She has acted in various K-dramas such as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok JooShooting Stars, Dr. Romantic seasons 2 and 3, and more. 

29. NCT's Jeno for Ferragamo

23-year-old K-pop artist Lee Jeno (or simply Jeno) makes history as the first male globa ambassador for the Italian luxury brand Ferragamo. You can check out more photos of Jeno wearing the brand’s Pre-Fall 23 looks here.

In February 2023, Jeno attended the brand’s 2023-2024 Fall/Winter fashion show and has since been spotted wearing the brand’s apparel in his various performances and magazine photoshoots. 

Jeno is the main rapper, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist of the K-pop group NCT.

30. Song Joong Ki for Louis Vuitton 

Reborn Rich actor Song Joong Ki has joined French luxury house Louis Vuitton as its new house ambassador. He just made his Cannes Film Festival debut with his noir film Hopeless and wore a classy black suit from the brand on the red carpet.

This K-celebrity has been dominating headlines in 2023 not only for fashion and acting but for his love life too. He recently broke the internet with his dating and marriage news to British actress Katy Louise Saunders. 

31. NCT's Doyoung for Dolce & Gabbana

Doyoung, one of NCT’s main vocalists, was named Dolce & Gabban's Japan and Korean brand ambassador early this year. He has since levelled up and was most recently revealed as the Italian luxury house's global ambassador. 

Aside from being a part of NCT, Doyoung has also dabbled in acting, K-drama soundtracks, musical plays, and K-variety shows.

32. New Jeans' Haerin for Dior

16-year-old Haerin is the new Dior ambassador, which makes her the fifth and final member of the rising K-pop group NewJeans to land a luxury brand deal. She will serve as the new ambassador for jewellery, fashion, and beauty at Dior. 

NewJeans hails from ADOR, a sublabel owned by the same agency as BTS. They’re growing in popularity for their Y2K-inspired fashion as well as their fresh and addictive hits such as Ditto, Hype Boy, and OMG

33. BTS' RM for Bottega Veneta

There’s nothing holding them back. BTS continues to make history even while on hiatus. The K-pop group's leader RM is the new face of Bottega Veneta. For the first time in the Italian luxury brand’s history, it has selected a Korean celebrity as its brand ambassador. ARMYs have long been speculating about the partnership, and it has finally come true. 

34. NewJeans for Coca-Cola Korea, McDonald’s Korea, and Levi’s

Korean Brand Ambassadors - NewJeans

These teens are on a meteoric rise in the music, food, and fashion industries. (Photos from: @mcmcdonalds_kr, Levi's)

It seems like the sky’s the limit for these girls. The quintet who debuted last year are about to take over the food and beverage industry as they are now the brand ambassadors for Coca-Cola Korea and McDonald’s Korea. They have also landed another deal as the brand ambassador for Levi’s this time after four of the members individually bagged partnerships with luxury fashion houses. Aside from these, they have modelled for companies such as Nike, LG Electronics, and more. 

35. BTS' Jungkook for Calvin Klein

The maknae (youngest member) of BTS made fans go wild in his first campaign with Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear. Speaking of the partnership, Jonathan Bottomley, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Calvin Klein, said, “Jung Kook possesses a rare ability to connect with international audiences through both his music and his style. We’re fortunate and excited to have him join the Calvin Klein team.” 

36. NewJeans' Danielle for Burberry and YSL

Korean Brand Ambassadors - NewJeans’ Danielle for Burberry and YSL

Left - NewJeans just made their debut in August 2022 but are already winning deals with luxury brands. (Photo from: @newjeans_official) Right - Rising star Danielle for YSL Beauty. (Photo from @newjeans_official).

Danielle from NewJeans is a South Korean-Australian singer who’s known for her doll-like visuals and seems to rock any hairstyle she tries out. When she was selected by Burberry in January, she became the third member of the K-pop group to front a luxury brand. Hanni was chosen by Gucci in October 2022 while Hyein was chosen by Louis Vuitton in December 2022.

Aside from fashion, Danielle has also scored a partnership with YSL Beauty. Following the announcement, Danielle appeared in the new campaign for YSL’s Candy Glaze lipstick. 

37. LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha for Calvin Klein

It’s a great time to be a FEARNOT (LE SSERAFIM fan) because you’ll see more of Kazuha’s stunning visuals as the new brand ambassador for Calvin Klein.

Kazuha is one of the Japanese members of LE SSERAFIM. The K-pop girl group debuted last year and is popular for songs such as ANTIFRAGILE and FEARLESS

38. BTS' Jimin for Dior and Tiffany & Co.

Korean Brand Ambassadors - BTS Jimin

Left - Jimin dominated the trends and drew in thousands of fans when he attended the brand's fashion show. (Photo from: @dior) Right - Jimin is also part of Tiffany & Co's star-studded list of active ambassadors. (Photo from: Hyeawon Kang via Tiffany & Co.)

2023 has been a jam-packed year for for BTS’ Park Jimin so far. In January, the artist launched a collab titled Vibe with BIGBANG’s Taeyang that’s currently taking over the charts thanks to the duo’s mesmerising vocals. A few weeks later, Jimin’s thrilled his fans once again as he shows more of his charms as French luxury house Dior’s global ambassador. The brand has released several photos of the K-celeb “lending his image to creations from Artistic Director of Dior men’s collections, Mr. Kim Jones.”

In March, he was tapped by luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. to be its newest global House ambassador. In the role, Jimin will showcase his unique approach to jewellery styling as he wears iconic designs from the brand in upcoming campaigns which are set to come out later this year. He has also just released his first solo album, Face. We can’t wait to see other surprises he has in store!

39. LE SSERAFIM's Kim Chae-won for MAKE UP FOR EVER

Korean Brand Ambassadors - LE SSERAFIM's Kim Chae-won

The singer-songwriter lends her visuals for MAKE UP FOR EVER. (Photo from: @makeupforever)

We're feeling anti-fragile with the news of LE SSERAFIM's Chae-won's appointment as the new ambassador for the beauty brand MAKE UP FOR EVER. According to the brand, the singer and LE SSERAFIM leader is both "daring and creative" and therefore embodies the brand's values. 


Korean Brand Ambassadors - SEVENTEEN's Kim Mingyu for INNISFREE

The charismatic visual member hails the start of INNISFREE's new identity.

Carats, this one's for you! SEVENTEEN's visual and lead rapper will be representing the popular K-beauty skincare brand INNISFREE. The brand plans to work with Mingyu to introduce its products to customers around the world with his “chic, urban look as well as an unexpected charm of confidence and energy”.

41. BTS' j-hope for Louis Vuitton

Korean Brand Ambassadors - j-hope for Louis Vuitton 

j-hope is a world-renowned rapper-singer-songwriter, and music producer. (Photo from: @louisvuitton)

j-hope is Louis Vuitton’s new brand ambassador! 2023’s looking good for our Bangtan boys because j-hope is the third member to land a deal with a luxury brand this year after Jimin and Suga.

In 2021, all the members of the group were ambassadors for Louis Vuitton, but the contract ended last year. For this year, j-hope will be endorsing the brand as a solo artist. j-hope has been thrilling fans with the LV news and a hip-hop single titled on the street. However, the artist is also currently breaking hearts as his agency BIGHIT MUSIC announced that he has started his mandatory military enlistment process.

Wanna get to know more about the charming multi-hyphenate? He recently released a documentary which gave us a front-row seat to his creative process and incredible talents titled j-hope IN A BOX on Disney+. Check out our review about it right here.

42. Jung Hoyeon for Lancôme 

Korean Brand Ambassadors - Jung Hoyeon for Lancôme

She started her modelling career at the age of 16. (Photo from:  @hoooooyeony)

Jung Hoyeon is the new global brand ambassador for the French luxury beauty brand Lancôme! The 28-year-old actress who captured our hearts in the hit series Squid Game is on her way to becoming a household name in the modelling world. She has walked the runway for Louis Vuitton in 2017 and then became its global ambassador in 2021. She has also worked with adidas, Chanel, and Calvin Klein. 

43. NewJeans' Minji for Chanel

Korean Brand Ambassadors - NewJeans' Minji for Chanel

NewJeans members just keep slaying. (Photo from:  @newjeans_official)

Chanel came through! NewJeans’ Minji is Chanel’s official ambassador in the fashion, watches and beauty categories. She’s the fourth member of the group to land a deal with a luxury brand following Hyein for Louis Vuitton, Danielle for Burberry, and Hanni for Gucci and Armani Beauty. 

Minji is an 18-year-old vocalist and dancer in the group. Fun fact: she had a cameo in BTS' Permission To Dance music video.

44. NewJeans' Hanni for Armani Beauty

Hanni from NewJeans for Armani Beauty

Hanni has been making waves in the K-pop world for her vocal range. (Photo from: @newjeans_official)

At 18, NewJeans’ Hanni is the new face of the luxury Italian brand Armani Beauty. Back in October 2022, the Vietnamese-Australian artist also landed a deal with Gucci, and we’ve got a feeling that she’s only getting started.

Speaking of Hanni’s appointment, Giorgio Armani said, “Hanni is a very young artist with a great expressive power and an irresistible and captivating individuality: a contrast that I find interesting. She has personality, which for me is the most fascinating trait, always.”

Hanni has a jam-packed schedule for the brand as she has just shot her debut campaign visual, wearing the My Armani Go To Cushion on her face and the Lip Maestro in shade 214. She will then begin with a campaign for Armani Beauty’s new Power Fabric+ Foundation in April and the Lip Maestro Satin lipstick in May.

45. Sejeong for Longchamp

Korean Brand Ambassadors - Sejeong for Longchamp

Singing, songwriting, acting, modelling… what can’t this girl do? (Photo from:  @clean_0828)

Top star and rom-com queen Kim Se-jeong is now the brand ambassador of the French luxury brand Longchamp! We loved the joy and energy she radiated in and outside the 2022 K-drama Business Proposal, and this also captured the attention of the brand’s creative director Sophie Delafontaine. She said, “As for modelling, she was a complete natural — genuinely at ease in front of the camera and amazingly photogenic.” 

Se-jeong will be starring in the brand’s spring-summer 2023 campaign in the region. It will feature “Glamping” ready-to-wear pieces that are infused with bold colours, prints, and materials that will perfectly match the singer slash actress’ personality. 

46. TWICE's Nayeon for Givenchy

Im Nayeon from the K-pop girl group TWICE is the new face of Givenchy Beauty. She’s also the first in her group to launch a solo album, and she’s known for taking over the trends in 2022 during the time of the release of her track titled POP! Through the magazine Dazed Korea, Givenchy Beauty shared that Nayeon’s confident and sophisticated look on stage matches with the brand’s direction. The star will be involved in the brand’s makeup and perfume campaigns in the future.

47. Jackson Wang for Louis Vuitton

Korean Brand Ambassadors - Jackson Wang

The Magic Man at Louis Vuitton’s show during Paris Fashion week. (Photo from:  @LouisVuitton)

If luxury brands were infinity stones, Jackson Wang has added another one to his gauntlet. He’s just been announced as the latest House Ambassador of  Louis Vuitton. The artist, who was born in Hong Kong and rose to fame as a member of the K-pop group GOT7, is no stranger to the world of fashion and beauty. In the past, he became the face of  Fendi, Cartier, and  Armani Beauty. He’s also the founder and creative director of the luxury streetwear label TEAM WANG design. 

48. Cha Eun Woo for Dior Beauty

Korean Brand Ambassadors - Cha Eun Woo

According to Dior, Cha Eun Woo embodies power and youthfulness from the inside out.

K-drama heartthrob and K-pop idol Cha Eun Woo — known for his roles in My ID Is Gangnam Beauty,  True Beauty, and more — who seems to have taken a drink from the fountain of youth is now the first global ambassador for luxury brand Dior Beauty’s anti-ageing Capture Totale Le Sérum. It’s a product that claims to transform the skin and leave it visibly firmer and smoother. It’s made with fermented longoza extract, a patented floral extract that stimulates the revitalising potential of the skin’s mother cells to reveal youthfulness. 

49. BTS' Suga for Valentino

Korean brand ambassadors - BTS Suga

Suga actually teased the collab when he attended a Lakers vs. Mavericks game in LA in a full look from Valentino. (Photo from:  @agustd)

Min Yoongi (more popularly known as Suga) from BTS seems to have it all — he’s a rapper, songwriter, producer, and performer. And now, his passion and creativity led him to become one of Rome-based Maison Valentino’s brand ambassadors called ‘DI.VA.s’. 

D.I.VA.s is an acronym for ‘Different Values’, which refers to Valentino Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli’s advocacy for inclusivity and diversity. According to Pierpaolo, Suga uses his talent and his work to express himself with energy and authenticity and is able to embody what DI.Va.s stand for. 

Suga also believes that his values align with the brand’s and is delighted to be a part of the Maison Valentino Essentials campaign. In its  behind-the-scenes preview, the artist is presented as a symbol of empathy and connection.

Suga will be joining other Valentino DI.VA.s such as  Crash Landing on You actress Son Ye-jin and Euphoria star Zendaya.  

50. BIGBANG's Taeyang

Taeyang is the vocalist of BIGBANG, an iconic K-pop group that debuted in 2006 and whose members have gone on to launch their solo careers. Taeyang is popularly known for his song ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ and his recently released single ‘ Vibe’ featuring BTS’ Jimin.

He has joined the global ambassador family of the French luxury brand Givenchy. He’s the first Korean male artist to do so and follows the K-pop girl group  aespa, who landed the deal back in 2021.

51. IVE’s Yujin for Fendi

Korean brand ambassadors - IVE Yujin

Yujin says that she always enjoyed Fendi’s wonderful projects that highlight creativity and experimentation. (Photo from: @_yujin_an)

Ahn Yujin is the vocalist and leader of the K-pop girl group IVE, which is popularly known for songs such as ELEVENLOVE DIVE, and After LIKE.

The artist just revealed that she’s the newest ambassador for the Italian luxury house Fendi. Yujin is known for the strong presence and fierce looks that she brings to the table, and you’ll see this in her latest photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar Korea, where she can be seen wearing pieces from Fendi’s latest collection. 

Which K-pop artist or group would you like to see as brand ambassadors next?

(Cover photo from: @louisvuitton)

This article was first published on 21 September 2023. Last updated: 14 December 2023.

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