Check Out The Enchanting aespa x CASETiFY Collection

All set to charm the heart of every MY

Get ready to synk up, MYs, because CASETiFY will launch a collaboration with the K-pop girl group aespa this December.

K-pop girl group Aespa

From left to right: Ningning, Karina, Winter, and Giselle. (Photo from: @aespa_official)

K-pop girl group aespa

If you’re new to the world of Kwangya, here’s a quick rundown. aespa hails from SM Entertainment Group, the same agency home to K-pop groups such as Girls’ Generation, SHINee, NCT, and more. aespa debuted back in November 2020 and is made up of four members: Karina and Winter from South Korea, Giselle from Japan, and Ningning from China.

They’re known for their unique (and sometimes mind-boggling) concept involving human members and avatars with the goal of transcending reality and the virtual world. The latter is also known as SM’s mythical world called ‘Kwangya’. Beyond that, they’re known for their addictive tracks such as ‘Black Mamba’, ‘Savage’, and ‘Next Level’.

aespa X CASETiFY collection

The upcoming aespa x CASETiFY collection is the first collab between the popular tech accessories brand and SM Entertainment Group. It takes inspiration from aespa’s colourful and mysterious world and their chart-topping hits. The collection will launch six designs.

Aside from brand-new designs, the collection will also offer the Charm Chain Phone Strap with Card that’s exclusively available for this collection. It will also offer a special edition sling charm decorated with charms that symbolise each member.

The aespa x CASETiFY collection supports the current and previous iPhone generations as well as the latest Galaxy S22 and Z Flip 4 & 3 devices. The brand will also offer designs for Magsafe card wallets and chargers, AirPods cases and watch bands, and MacBook sleeves and covers.

Where to buy the aespa X CASETiFY collection in Singapore

The collection will be available for purchase on the CASETiFY official website on 22 December 2022. Stay tuned for more details about the pricing.

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