Should You Add Han So-Hee’s ‘My Name’ To Your Netflix Queue?

Femme fatale incoming

Han So Hee takes on a new role in the Netflix series My Name (whose previous working titles are Undercover and Nemesis). The 26-year-old actress stars as Yoon Ji-Woo, an undercover agent seeking revenge. It’s a 180-degree turn from her breakout role as a mistress in The World Of The Married and her love-troubled art student character in the recent hit, Nevertheless,.

But aside from Han So-Hee’s transformation for the role, what else is there about the series that’s worth anticipating? We break down My Name’s plot, cast, release date, and more below.

The plot is about family and revenge

My Name’s poster reads, “It’s fine if I become a monster. I’ll kill you.” It shows Han So-Hee in character, drenched in sweat and blood and standing in a neon-lit alley with some presumably bad guys knocked out behind her. It perfectly captures the series’ plot, which is all about Yoon Ji-Woo infiltrating drug organisations to avenge her father’s death.

As if that wasn’t intriguing enough, Yoon Ji-Woo actually enters the police force and becomes a drug mole with the help of drug gang leader Choi Moo-Jin (Park Hee-Soon). Their relationship and his reason for helping her remains unknown and will probably be explored further in the series.

Going back to the series’ poster, could the ‘bad guys’ be Yoon Ji-Woo’s fellow police officers since Choi Moo-Jin helped her out? Or is it safe to think they’re members of the drug gang as expected? We can’t wait to see My Name to find out!

My Name has a stellar cast lineup

Han So-Hee’s previous roles have proven that she can play both sweet and vulnerable characters, as well as feisty and spiteful parts. While an undercover agent role is new to her filmography, the complex emotions she portrayed in her previous roles ensure that she’ll perform beautifully in her new role.

Apart from our versatile lead, there’s also her supporting cast to look forward to. Ahn Bo-Hyun (Her Private Life, Itaewon Class) also joins the My Name cast as Detective Jeon Pil-Do, Yoon Ji-Woo’s partner. Ahn Bo-Hyun gave a memorable performance in his previous supporting roles, which makes us really happy that he’s finally on the top bill in this Netflix series.

Park Hee-Soon (Jesters: The Gamechangers) completes the main cast for this series as drug gang boss Choi Moo-Jin. Choi Moo-Jin has an interesting relationship with Yoon Ji-Woo. This makes us wonder how Han So-Hee and Park Hee-Soon’s onscreen chemistry will add layers to their respective portrayals, seeing that this is the first time they’ll work on a project together.

It’s coming on Netflix sooner than you think

If you can’t get enough of Han So-Hee after Nevertheless, you’ll be glad to know that it won’t be too long before you see her onscreen again. My Name’s release date is on 15 October. Since it’s a Netflix Original and not a commissioned series, we can expect the entire series to drop in one go, making it perfect for a weekend binge. The number of episodes is still not confirmed, but we’re crossing our fingers it gets the standard 16 episodes, as compared to Nevertheless, which only got 10. Either way, you know we’ll be glued to our screens once this airs. How about you?

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