Witness Lee Se-Young and Sakaguchi Kentaro’s Romantic Chemistry In This New Drama

An unexpected, yet no less exciting pairing

There’s just something about ‘right person, wrong time’ romance plots that tug at our heartstrings. The film, Past Lives, and Netflix’s One Day are also proof that love stories can be beautiful, even if they do not have a happy ending.

If you enjoy ‘tormenting’ yourself with such heartwrenching shows just like we do, keep your eyes peeled for the release of the new romance drama, What Comes After Love. Starring Lee Se-Young and Sakaguchi Kentaro, here’s what you should know about the drama’s plot, cast, and more.

What Comes After Love plot: From best-selling novel to drama

Lee Se-young and Sakaguchi Kentaro star in new romance drama 'What Comes After Love'

Will this couple find their way back into love? ‘What Comes After Love’ is a romance drama that stars Lee Se-young and Sakaguchi Kentaro. (Photo from: @coupangplay)

What Comes After Love is based on the bestselling novel of the same name and is co-written by Korean writer Gong Ji Young and Japanese writer Tsuji Hitonari. Also referred to as Things That Come After Love, the novel tells the story of a Korean woman and a Japanese man who fall in love after meeting each other in Tokyo.

The couple eventually break up as they face misunderstandings and opposition from their families. However, in a twist of fate, the two reunite in Korea five years later. Will the couple have the chance to find their way back into love and rekindle their romance? Or will this end in heartbreak, once again?

There’s no telling how their story will unfold in the drama, so stay tuned and consider checking out the novel (available in translated versions, including Chinese) for more clues.

Lead actors Lee Se-Young and Sakaguchi Kentaro test their chemistry in a recent table read

Lee Se-young plays Hong in ‘What Comes After Love’ romance drama

Lee Se-young plays Hong in ‘What Comes After Love’. (Photo from: @coupangplay).

Lee Se-Young is a 31-year-old South Korean actress whom we’d consider a ‘princess’ of romance dramas. Her recent work opposite Bae In-Hyuk for The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract concluded on an encouraging note. Plus, we were blown away by her acting chops as she coupled up with 2PM’s Lee Jun-Ho in the award-winning series, The Red Sleeve.

Starring opposite Lee Se-Young is Sakaguchi Kentaro, who plays Jungo.

With What Comes After Love, we’ll get to see Se-Young as the female lead named Hong, with Japanese model-turned-actor Sakaguchi Kentaro, who will play the male lead, Jungo. ICDYK, 32-year-old Kentaro has a pretty extensive acting portfolio too, having starred in theatrical roles and various TV series.

The series will also star actors Hong Jong Hyun and Nakamura Anne. Jong-Hyun will play the role of Hong’s friend, who’s had feelings for her for many years, while Anne will take on the role of Jungo’s former girlfriend.

Check out the drama’s table read below.

When and where to catch What Comes After Love

Witness Lee Se-Young and Sakaguchi Kentaro’s romantic chemistry in ‘What Comes After Love’

Look forward to witnessing Lee Se-Young and Sakaguchi Kentaro’s romantic chemistry in ‘What Comes After Love’. (Photos from: @seyoung_10 and @sakaguchikentaro)

The series has yet to release any further details about the drama, including the number of episodes and release date. However, we do know that the production of the series is currently underway, and that the series will be hosted on Coupang Play, a streaming service that’s based in South Korea. Here’s hoping that it will be available in our region too, so stay tuned as we share more updates here.

(Cover photos from: @coupangplay, @seyoung_10 and @sakaguchikentaro)

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