K-Queen Lee Se-Young To Star In A New K-Drama

Alongside rising actor Bae In-hyuk

If you love the saeguk genre (meaning the historical or period dramas from South Korea), check this out — Lee Se-young will star in a new fantasy romance drama.

Lee Se-young's new drama

The radiant and youthful actress. (Photo from: @seyoung_10)

Lee Se-young dramas

Lee Se-young’s popularity has stood the test of time with her roles in various saeguk dramas. She was a child actress who took part in the hit series Jewel in the Palace. Then in her adult years, she became well-loved for her leading roles in The Crowned Clown and The Red Sleeve.

Let’s now dive into her latest project.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract: teaser, cast, plot, and more

Lee Se-young’s co-star in this drama is rising actor Bae In-hyuk who is also no stranger to saeguk or fantasy genres. He has starred in other interesting dramas such as Under the Queen’s Umbrella and My Roommate Is A Gumiho. Being a second lead character in most of his works, Bae In-Hyuk now gets the male lead spot, and we can’t wait to see him shine in this new series.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is based on a Korean webtoon of the same title. It’s a romance drama initially set in the 19th century. Our main girl Park Yeon Woo (played by Se-young) is devastated after her husband died on the same day as their wedding. After a twist of fate, she then finds herself travelling through time from Korea’s Joseon era to modern-day South Korea.

There, she meets Kang Tae Ha (played by In-hyuk), a man who looks exactly like her late husband. For some reason we have yet to find out, Park Yeon Woo enters into a contractual marriage with him.

The cast’s first script reading session.

Other cast members to look forward to include Joo Hyun-young and veteran actress Jin Kyung (both starred in Extraordinary Attorney Woo), Oh Yu-jin (True Beauty) and Yoon Seon-ho (Under the Queen’s Umbrella).

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract: release date and where to watch in Singapore

The intriguing drama will premiere in November. Stay tuned for more details about its release in Singapore.

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