Ending Explained: How ‘Marry My Husband’ Delivered A Satisfying Finale

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Last year, the K-drama world treated us to fun contract marriages and love stories that transcended timelines. Now, we’re heading to the dark side with the new fantasy revenge series Marry My Husband starring Park Min-young and Na In-woo. Here’s what you need to know about its cast, plot, and where to watch it in Singapore.

If you’ve finished watching it, skip down to the last part of the article for everything you need to know about the ending.

Marry My Husband starring Park Min-young

Witness Park Min-young get her sweet revenge. (Photo from: @primevideoph)

Marry My Husband: cast, plot, and more

Marry My Husband tells the tale of a terminally ill woman named Kang Ji-won. She has a husband named Min-hwan who mooches off her salary and a demanding mother-in-law. On top of her problems, she catches her best friend Su-min and her husband having an affair and talking about enjoying the insurance money after her death.

But before Ji-won is able to do anything about it, she dies at the hands of her husband. Fortunately, in a dramatic turn of events, she gets a second chance at life and travels back to 2013 — 10 years before her death — when she was just dating Min-hwan. She decides to change her fate and get her revenge by marrying off her 'best friend' to her unfaithful husband. But will she pull it off?

Marry My Husband is based on a manhwa (meaning comics) of the same name. If you’re eager to see the whole story, you can read it on Naver Webtoon’s site.

Marry My Husband Cast

Left to right: Na In-woo as Ji-hyuk, Park Min-young as Ji-won, Lee Yi-kyung as Min-hwan, and Song Ha-yoon as Su-min. (Photo from: @tvn_drama)

Now back to the show. Park Min-young is our main lead, Kang Ji-won. She’s had a slew of workplace dramas on her portfolio such as What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and Forecasting Love and Weather.

Na In-woo plays the swoon-worthy boss and future CEO Yu Ji-hyuk who becomes bold in expressing his feelings for Ji-won in her second life. He has appeared in K-dramas such as Mr. Queen and Mystic Pop-Up Bar.

Lee Yi-kyung portrays the poor excuse of a husband, Min-hwan. Outside of this drama, he’s known for his ability to tickle your funny bone in K-dramas such as Go Back Couple and Welcome to Waikiki as well as his comedic videos on TikTok.

Song Ha-yoon takes on the character of Jeong Su-min, Ji-won’s bestie and Min-hwan’s lover. You might have seen her in Fight For My Way in which she also played the role of the bestie (minus the cheating part.)

Only two episodes have been released, but the cast members have played their characters so well that you’ll feel a range of emotions while watching it. Let’s now dive into our first impressions of the show.

Marry My Husband first impressions review 

Park Min-young’s acting prowess will make your heart ache for what she’s going through. She seemed unrecognisable when she portrayed Ji-won as a cancer patient since she was so thin and pale. In her second chance at life, you’ll root for her as she breaks out of her shell and decides to rewrite her story.

Na In-woo’s character, Ji-hyuk is a breath of fresh air. He comes across as a calming and dependable romantic lead and is proving himself to be what Ji-won needs as she adjusts to her second life.

This makes us suspect that he's a time traveller too — he appears unfazed when he sees Ji-won grapple with a confusing situation. Instead, he's continually supportive of her on several occasions, whether it's letting her take a day off from work or rescuing her during her moments of distress.

Aside from a budding romance, you’ll also cheer as Ji-won forges friendships with her female co-workers in the office. She opened her heart to the bubbly Hui-yeon (played by a fresh new actress Choi Gyu-ri) and Mrs. Yang (Gong Min-jung AKA the bestie in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha) who supported her project (compared to Su-min who tried to take credit for it).

She realised that she had let Su-min walk all over her in the past because she thought that she had no one else on her side.

Some of the scenes, such as Ji-won's interactions with her old team manager in the workplace and with her husband, can be painful to watch. The way the manager puts down women is realistic, and it’s clear how the drama sheds light on the mistreatment and inequality women face in the workplace.

There are also scenes where Park Min-hwan displays violent tendencies towards Ji-won while they are just dating, and it will make you wonder if the show could be categorised under the horror genre.

Overall, Marry My Husband has the makings of a good revenge drama. So far, the pacing feels just right. It also has a unique premise — what happened in her previous life will still happen, but the ones involved can be switched or changed. With a solid start, we’re looking forward to more juicy twists and turns and how Ji-won’s satisfying revenge story will unfold.

Marry My Husband ending explained

Marry My Husband has taken us on a wild rollercoaster ride! It broke our hearts and sewed it back together. We see Kang Ji-won get the fairytale-like wedding she deserves and look every bit like a princess. But this is like the icing on the cake because what makes this a satisfying finale is that her enemies finally meet their downfall and Ji-won gets to peacefully spend the rest of her second life with the family she has chosen.

The gorgeous wedding photoshoot that will go down in K-drama history.

Here’s a recap of what went down before we get to our main couple’s happily ever. Ji-won’s fate was passed on to her ex-boyfriend Min-hwan. Meanwhile, Jeong Su-min escaped and planned to set Ji-won’s place on fire. Blinded by her obsession and belief that Ji-won doesn’t deserve any happiness, she falls right into the trap laid out by Ji-won and Ji-hyuk. She finds herself behind bars, spiralling into madness.

The other villainous character in the series, Oh Yu-ra (BoA) shook up the story (and online forums and comment sections) when she made her entrance towards the end of the series. Many viewers weren’t happy about it since it felt forced. But the production choices finally made sense as Ji-hyuk’s fate was passed on to her in the finale. 

Ji-won’s second-chance story kicked off with cherry blossoms and ended with them too.

Now for our main couple. Ji-won and Ji-hyuk tie the knot, establish a charitable foundation together, and start a whole new chapter of raising their three kids. We get to see them live past 12 April 2023 — the original day of Ji-won’s death, AKA, the day when the cruel events of the first episode happened. There was none of that now. The drama ends with their 10th anniversary at an art gallery in which they’re surrounded by paintings of cherry blossoms. This takes us back to the time when Ji-won’s late father drives her through a scenic road and gifts her with (she didn’t know back then) the key to a new life where she gets to rewrite her story.

Where to watch Marry My Husband in Singapore

You can now stream all 16 episodes of the show on Prime Video Singapore. 

(Cover photo from: @tvn_drama)

This article was first published on 5 January 2024. Last updated: 22 February 2024.

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