Get To Know The Cast Of Netflix’s Upcoming Show ‘Zombieverse’

An intriguing show

If horror, action, suspense, and humour are your must-have ingredients in a zombie-themed show, check out Zombieverse which is premiering on Netflix soon.

Zombieverse Netflix Cast

Next-level ‘All of Us Are Dead’. (Photo from: Netflix)

Unscripted Korean variety shows are becoming more popular, as we’ve seen in the success of Single’s Inferno, Physical: 100, and Siren: Survive the Island. And so Netflix has decided to release eight titles in 2023 (double than last year’s number). Zombieverse is the newest one, and it has an interesting premise and a promising lineup of stars, so let’s now get to know them a little better.

Zombieverse: trailer and plot

In the show, zombies have taken over Seoul, and so members must complete quests to gain food, transportation, and shelter. To make the show more realistic and terrifying, the makers behind the show hired the art team behind All of Us Are Dead and the choreographers of Kingdom. Aside from these heavyweight production team members, fans are highly anticipating these cast members on a Netflix show.

Popular Zombieverse cast members

1. Dex

Dex AKA Kim Jin Young is a YouTube content creator and a former UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) soldier. He’s also the popular one who stole the hearts of most of the women on Single’s Inferno 2. His role in another variety show called Bloody Game paved the way for him to earn the Best Rookie Male Entertainer award in the recent Blue Dragon Series Awards.

2. Lee Si Young

Lee Si Young is known for her role in the zombie K-drama Sweet Home. Aside from this, she’s a real-life superwoman; she’s an actress, model, singer, retired boxer, wife, and mother.

3. Tsuki

Tsuki (short for Fukutomi Tsuki) is a Japanese singer and model. She’s also a member of the K-pop girl group Billie.

Other veteran variety show personalities who are coming aboard the show are comedienne Park Na Rae, entertainer Ro Hong Chul, rapper DinDin, YouTuber Jonathan Yiombi and his sister Patricia Yiombi, and more.

Which cast member will you be rooting for?

Zombieverse release date in Singapore

Stream Zombieverse on Netflix on 8 August.

(Cover photo from: Netflix

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