Meet The Superwomen Of ‘Siren: Survive The Island’

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If you mix The Hunger Games and Physical: 100 and take out all the men, then you’ll get Siren: Survive the Island. It’s a new Korean reality show with an inspiring and fearless all-female cast.

Siren: Survive the Island Cast

The leaders of each team. (Photo from: @netflixkr)

Siren: Survive the Island: trailer, plot, and more

In Siren: Survive the Island, 24 women are divided into six teams according to their profession. They’re passionate about what they do, and you’ll enjoy rooting for them and betting on which one deserves to win it all. The teams are, namely, Team Police, Team Firefighter, Team Guard, Team Stunt, Team Soldier, and Team Athlete.

Each team has a particular base and a flag that they have to protect. Then they go head-to-head in gruelling base battles and arena challenges. Each member has a personal flag that they have to guard too, and if she loses it, she would have to sit out for the rest of the challenge.

The title of the show can be related to two things. An image of the siren — the powerful Greek mythological creature — appears on the screen at the arena and gives out nerve-wracking instructions to the contestants. And when the modern siren goes off, it signals the start of another daunting challenge.

Aside from the intense fights and incredible displays of strength and endurance, the bond within the teams is one aspect of the show that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. If you wouldn’t mind some spoilers, meet the members of the two teams that came out on top.

Siren: Survive the Island top cast members

1. Team Athlete

Team Athlete, the dream team, is led by Kim Hee Jeong, a national kabaddi player and model. Kabaddi is a combative team sport which originated in India. Another member of the team is national judo player Kim Seong Yeon, who has bagged impressive accolades such as winning the Grand Slam of Paris in 2016, winning bronze at the World Championships in 2013, and more. Sport climber Kim Min Sun and ssireum (which is a traditional form of Korean wrestling) player Kim Eun Byeol make up the rest of the team.

2. Team Firefighter

Team Firefighter was a force to be reckoned with in the show. They’re led by Kim Hyun A, who had an injury during one of the earlier episodes of the show but still gave it her all till the finale. The other members of the team are firefighter slash bodybuilder Kim Ji Hye, Jeong Min Seon, and Lim Hyun Ji.

Will Siren: Survive the Island be renewed for season 2?

Many viewers were confused about the ending after the winners were announced in the final episode. Team Athlete — the last women standing — seem to have celebrated their victory early, because after the fireworks lit up in the sky, the sound of the siren boomed, and the players were commanded to run. Then the scene was cut, and the end credits appeared.

There’s room for season 2, but Netflix has not yet confirmed the news, so stay tuned.

Where to watch Siren: Survive the Island in Singapore

You can now stream all 10 episodes of the show on Netflix.

(Cover photo from: @netflixkcontent)

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