Relive The 3 Best Moments Of ‘Single’s Inferno 2’

We’re missing the squad already

Warning: lots of spoilers ahead! Netflix’s Single’s Inferno 2 has ended, and its swoon-worthy cast members such as Jong-woo, Se-jun, Nadine, and more are taking over our hearts and the internet.

Single's Inferno 2 Cast - Jong-woo, Se-jun, & More

Who would you pick for your trip to Paradise? (Photo from: @deeenerss)

Single’s Inferno 2 is currently the most buzzworthy K-reality dating show. It seems as if Korea offered its best singles as tributes to fight for the ones they’re catching feelings for. The 10-episode series brought together 12 people to ‘Inferno’ with an unseen ‘Master’ who would set up challenges and offer them the chance to win a night at ‘Paradise’. Aside from enduring the crazy hot weather in Inferno, the cast was not allowed to reveal their age, work, and where they’re from until they set foot in Paradise.

The show had its frustrating moments and sometimes made us wish that other cast members had more screen time, but Single’s Inferno 2 definitely had memorable moments that hooked us from start to finish.

3 of the Best Moments of Single’s Inferno 2

1. Jong-woo’s sweet corn coffee (and personality) wins over Seul-ki’s heart

Jong-woo only had eyes for one girl on the show — Seul-ki. But as she’s one of the more popular girls in Inferno, it took a while before he could get his chance to express his feelings and get to have a proper conversation with her in Paradise. After winning in an intense (and quite bloody) physical challenge, he was finally able to escape Inferno with her.

It was in Paradise that Jong-woo revealed that he had a café with his parents called Super Sweet Corn Coffee in Gangwon-do. And Seul-ki shared that she wanted to try out the drink so bad (and it made us want to try it out too!) and said that she had seen him on Instagram before.

While their easy-going conversation in Paradise is one for the books, Jong-woo’s little ways of showing how he cared for Seul-ki in Inferno made us swoon too.

2. Se-jun picks So-e for his first trip to Paradise

Se-jun is one of the last two members who came on Single’s Inferno 2, and so he was given a free ticket to Paradise and the chance to talk to each of the girls on the show. He walked into the desert (in a suit!), and was really a walking green flag throughout the show. While waiting in the tent, the girls predicted that either Se-jeong or Nadine would be his pick. Everyone was surprised and cheered when he picked So-e.

So-e was actually having a hard time on the show as the guy she liked didn’t reciprocate her feelings and she had become simply friends with the other guys. It was refreshing to see her as someone more than a girl pining for someone and hitting it off with Se-jun.

Major spoiler alert: Se-jun and So-e are one of our favourite couples on Single’s Inferno 2, and if you’re curious about where they are now, Se-jun has just shared a heartwarming photo of the two of them on Instagram.

3. Nadine reveals her background/ her life outside Inferno

Meet Nadine, our best girl. Once she was able to enter Paradise, her date and all the viewers were able to get a glimpse into her life as a third-year student at Harvard University. If that isn’t enough for a jaw-dropping moment, she’s taking up a double major in neuroscience and computer science. She also works at a lab in the Boston Children’s Hospital, does research on temporal lobe epilepsy, and plans on becoming a surgeon one day. Just in case you were wondering, she’s 22.

Bonus: unreleased clip of the singles left behind playing ‘Never Have I Ever’

Here’s one of the unreleased clips of Single’s Inferno 2 that we wish made it to the show. It gave us a closer look at how the ones left behind were feeling and it somehow made the show feel more real and relatable. You’ll find our underrated faves here too!

You can now watch or re-watch all the best moments of Single’s Inferno 2 right here.

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