Excited About ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Season 2? Here’s What We Think Will Happen

One word: hybrids

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 is happening! Netflix has confirmed that the hit zombie series and its main cast are returning to our screens.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 cast

Park Ji-Hu (Nam On-Jo), Yoon Chan-Young (Lee Cheong-San), Cho Yi-Hyun (Choi Nam-Ra), Lomon (Lee Su-Hyeok), Yoo In-Soo (Yoo Gwi-Nam), Lim Jae-Hyeok (Yang Dae-Su), and Lee You-Mi (Lee Na-Yeon) are all rumoured to reprise their roles as the series’ main cast a.k.a. Hyosan High’s juniors who were all part of Season 1.

Lomon as Lee Su-Hyeok in 'All Of Us Are Dead'

Lomon as Lee Su-Hyeok

Season 1 recap

Just in case you forgot what happened in Season 1, allow us to refresh your memory. A virus outbreak happens in Hyosan High School when a student, Hyeon-Ju, gets bitten by an infected lab rat. Byeong-Chan, the Hyosan High science teacher who created the virus, tried to keep the girl in captivity. However, Hyeon-Ju was discovered by another person from the school.

We later learn that Hyeon-Ju bit whoever was trying to save her which led to the spread of the virus in the school, turning students and faculty into flesh-eating zombies. Soon, the virus started to spread across the city.

Throughout the series’ 12-episode runtime, the story focused on characters from Hyosan High who are fighting for their survival. Season 1 wrapped up with some characters gone while others with their fate unknown.

'All Of Us Are Dead' Season 2 Cast

All Of Us Are Dead brings the excitement and the thrill mixed with a coming-of-age subplot.

There’s Byeong-Chan who was taken into police custody where he revealed that his motivation for creating the virus was to deal with his son’s bullies. However, he is now also infected and would soon lose control over his sanity. As a final note, he revealed that more information about the virus lies in a laptop that is currently in Hyosan High.

As for the students, there are Eun-Ji and Cheol-Su whose story ends on a weird note as Eun-Ji ended up confessing her feelings to Cheol-Su by eating him.

Na-Yeon, on the other hand, was cast out by her classmates after her selfish decisions led to Gyeong-Su turning into a zombie. She hides in another classroom where she kept food and drinks to feed herself (while letting her classmates starve) until Gwi-Nam’s zombified form ends up eating her.

'All Of Us Are Dead' Season 2 Plot

Love her or hate her, Na-Yeon is definitely one of Season 1’s most memorable characters.

Gwi-Nam also ends up biting Cheong-San. Now infected, Cheong-San decides to sacrifice his life to lure the zombies away from his friends while he’s still in the right mind. He falls into an elevator shaft with Gwi-Nam.

In the end, On-Jo, Su-Hyeok, Hyo-Ryeong, Dae-Su, Ha-Ri, and Mi-Jin are the only ones who survived. They make it to the safety camp where survivors are said to take shelter. However, Su-Hyeong and On-Jo decide to go back to the school to search for Nam-Ra. They find her but Nam-Ra refuses to come with them as she’s now a hybrid (half-human, half-zombie). She tells On-Jo and Su-Hyeong that there might be more hybrids out there and assures them that their friendship will endure even if they’re not together.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 plot predictions

1. Cheong-San may still be alive

Some of the less gory moments in this series usually revolve around the teenage students acting like, well, teenagers. On-Jo and Cheong-San’s romance was definitely a huge part of it. However, the two only got to kiss when Cheong-San was about to sacrifice himself for the rest of the crew, leaving the audience slightly frustrated that they built up the couple only for them to have a bittersweet end.

Still, when Netflix Korea revealed the Season 2 teaser, Cheong-San actor Yoon Cha-Young was part of the video. This made fans wonder if he will make a return in the new season, possibly as a hybrid.

Considering that Season 1 ended with Nam-Ra confirming the existence of other hybrids and that she can hear them, it’s truly worth hoping that Cheong-San is still alive in Season 2 even if he met a not-so-good fate in the first instalment of the series.

2. We’ll learn more about hybrids

The existence of hybrids was definitely left a bit unexplored in Season 1. However, given Nam-Ra’s statement in the first season’s finale about others like her ‘out there’, plus the possibility of Cheong-San’s comeback, we may be learning more about hybrids in Season 2. It can even be an excuse to bring back other fan favourites — or non-favourites who are still memorable a.k.a. Na Yeon and Gwi-Nam— who we thought had their last breaths in the first season. Who knows? Maybe redemption arcs are in order for Season 2?

'All Of Us Are Dead' Season 2 Release Date

We’re excited (sort of) to go back to Hyosan High for Season 2.

3. The story will take place at both the camp and Hyosan High

The majority of season 1’s story was set in Hyosan High. However, given that the main characters already made their way to the camp that’s deemed ‘safer’ than the school, it’s safe to say that Season 2 will feature more locations — and of course, subplots.

The camp might give us a closer look at the investigations surrounding the zombie outbreak, as well as a more political and socio-economic perspective on how authorities are handling the situation, leading our main crew to seek out the truth themselves.

Meanwhile, Hyosan High will still have a place in the story, considering that Byeong-Chan revealed that the laptop containing more information about the virus remains at the school. Nam-Ra’s search for fellow hybrids might also take place in the school. And of course, can they really abandon Hyosan High for Season 2 considering how much the school became a character itself in shaping the story for Season 1? We simply can’t allow it!

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 release date

There’s still no official announcement about when the second season of All Of Us Are Dead will arrive but crossing our fingers we get it in Summer 2023 (South Korea). Watch this space for updates on the cast, plot, and more!

Stream All Of Us Our Dead Season 1 here.

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