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You might not have heard of Song Kang prior to his role as Park Jae-Eon in Nevertheless,. But we’re sure that whether or not you’ve seen the drama, the very opinionated reactions on the internet about his character and that brow-raising ending may have gotten you intrigued. Thankfully, bad boy roles are not the only ones this fresh-faced oppa can do. Check out other Song Kang TV shows where he plays characters that are not like the one on Nevertheless,.

Baek Jin-Woo in The Liar And His Lover

We’re starting this list with his breakout role in 2017. Song Kang played Baek Jin-Woo in the Korean adaptation of Japan’s The Liar And His Lover. Baek Jin-Woo is a drummer who’s in love with his childhood friend, So-Rim (played by Red Velvet’s Joy). Unlike Jae-Eon who’s open about his romantic conquests, Baek Jin-Woo usually lets his music speak for his heart’s desires. Despite not having major screentime in this drama, his portrayal is definitely memorable. The role even helped him to land hosting stints in music and variety shows like Ingikayo and Village Survival, the Eight around the time.

Hwang Sun-Oh in Love Alarm

Love Alarm is set in a fictional reality where you can use an app to find out if someone within a certain radius likes you romantically. In this drama, Song Kang plays the role of Hwang Sun-Oh, a rich and popular student who goes to the same school as the main female lead Kim Jo Jo (Kim So-Hyun). Similar to Park Jae-Eon, Hwang Sun-Oh also has a certain loneliness and mystery that takes a while to unravel. However, Hwang Sun-Oh is definitely more upfront with his feelings and is a lot more attuned to personal relationships (both romantic and friendly). Song Kang’s role is also great for those who often get second lead syndrome.

Lee Chae-Rok in Navillera

Fell in love with art major Jae-Eon in Nevertheless, but can’t deal with everything else about his character? Catch Song Kang in the TV show Navillera as Lee Chae-Rok, who’s also an artist but won’t break your heart.

A story about achieving dreams and multi-age friendships, Navillera is about a 70-year-old Shim Deok-Chul (Park In Hwan) who put aside his dream of becoming a ballet dancer to support his family during his younger years. Now retired, he decides to pursue his dream once more. In the ballet studio, he meets Lee Chae-Rok, a talented dancer in his 20s whose passion for ballet is starting to waver.

A total cleanser from Park Jae-Eon’s toxicity, Lee Chae-Rok’s journey and friendship with Shim Deok-Chul is beautiful, heartwarming, and inspiring.

Cha Hyun-Soo in Sweet Home

If you think Song Kang is only good for pretty, flower boy roles, you’ll be proven wrong by his portrayal as Cha Hyun-Soo in Sweet Home. This thrilling TV show starts when Hyun-Soo moves to a different apartment complex after his family’s tragic ending. Soon after, strange things started happening in his new residence; this occurrence later spread all over Korea. Hyun-Soo and his neighbours learn that people are starting to turn into monsters, forcing them into a survival mission to make sure they remain human. There’s no trace of the flirty Jae-Eon in the loner Hyun-Soo, proving Song Kang’s versatility as an actor. Oh, did we mention Sweet Home is getting a second season next year? Exciting!

Lee Shi-Woo in Forecasting Love And Weather

Song Kang stars alongside Her Private Life's Park Min-Young in this upcoming romcom. They play employees working at the Korea Meteorological Administration.  Just like the unpredictable weather, their relationship as colleagues takes a turn when they start to work closer than before. We still don't know much about his character, but we already know he's a total sweetheart here as compared to Nevertheless,. The drama airs 12 February 2022.

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