PSA: Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung Are Nominated For This Award!

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It’s Korean awards season once again and various celebs and idols are recognised for their projects for the year. Performers, hosts, and nominees are now being announced for the awards shows that have yet to be held this 2023, including the SBS Drama Awards. Check out their nominees for the ‘Best Couple’ Award — AKA the pairings who gave us the butterflies in K-dramas this 2023!

SBS Best Couple Award 2023

Three K-drama couples are nominated for the award. (Photo from: @sbsdrama.official)

SBS Drama Awards nominees

These couples have definitely made us blush in their respective K-dramas, so it’s for sure going to be a tough decision! Read below to see who they are.

1. Ryeoun and Shin Ye Eun (The Secret Romantic Guesthouse)

Ryeoun (18 Again) and Shin Ye Eun (The Glory) starred in this period romcom about a guesthouse owner whose boarders each have their secrets. The boarders also help find a person who has been missing for the last 13 years. Ryeoun played Kang San, an incoming martial arts student, while Shin Ye Eun portrayed Yoon Dan-oh, the confident livelihood mistress of the Joseon Dynasty and the guesthouse owner.

Its 18 episodes aired ​​from 20 March to 16 May 2023. Watch it on Viu here.

2. Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung (Dr. Romantic 3)

Ahn Hyo Seop (Business Proposal) and Lee Sung Kyung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo) played Seo Woo-jin and Cha Eun-jae, respectively, in the third season of the well-loved Dr. Romantic series. Both their characters are fellows at a hospital, and were constantly in competition during their time in medical school. No worries, the two worked out their complicated relationship and realised their feelings for each other by the end!

All 16 episodes aired from 28 April to 17 June 2023. Watch it on Disney+ here.

3. Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung (My Demon)

In the currently airing Netflix K-drama My Demon, Song Kang (Nevertheless) and Kim Yoo Jung (Love in the Moonlight) star as a demon and an heiress, respectively. Song Kang’s character Jeong Gu-won is a demon who temporarily loses his powers, while Kim Yoo Jung’s Do Do-hee is a “devilish heiress” to a conglomerate. They are subjected to a contract marriage which brings them fleeting happiness, and ultimately, hell.

As of writing, the series has already aired eight episodes. Catch it on Netflix here.

How to vote for ‘Best Couple’

If you want to support your favourite K-drama couple, this is your chance to vote for them through the SBS website here. Voting runs until 29 December at 10PM KST (9PM SGT). The winners will be announced during the awards ceremony on the same day!

(Cover photo from: @heybiblee, @sbsdrama.official)

Which couple are you rooting for?

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