Catch Lee Min Ho And Ahn Hyo Seop In This Apocalyptic Film

A star-studded cast

With the rapid increase in popularity of K-dramas and films, it’s no longer too surprising to see Korean superstars share the screen, whether as siblings, partners, lovers or enemies. Recently, more dramas cast a star-studded lineup — and now, the new K-film Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (working title) starring Lee Min Ho is following suit. 

Lee Min Ho and Ahn Hyo Seop

‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’ has a star-studded cast. (Photos from: @imhyoseop & @actorleeminho)

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint cast and plot

For the big screen adaptation, REALIES Pictures — the production behind the series Along with the Gods — casted several Korean superstars and household names. Top-billing the cast is Ahn Hyo Seop (Dr. Romantic) who will be playing protagonist Kim Dok Ja, the office worker. This will also be Hyo Seop’s big screen debut.

Starring alongside him is Lee Min Ho (Pachinko) as Yoo Joong Hyuk, the main character in the web novel Dok Ja is reading. Joong Hyuk possesses great fighting skills, which he utilises to survive until the end.

Chae Soo Bin (I Am Not A Robot) meanwhile takes on the role of Yoo Sang Ah, Dokja’s coworker who stays with him throughout the entire journey in the post-apocalyptic world. On the other hand, Choi Young Joon (Vincenzo) will star as Han Myung Oh, Dok Ja’s superior at the company who gets swept up in mission scenarios.

Chae Soo Bin and Han Myung Oh

Left - Choi Young Joon who plays Han Myung Oh. Right - Chae Soo Bin who plays Yoo Sang Ah. (Photos from: @soobinms & @choiyj0707

Other members of the cast include BLACKPINK Jisoo as Lee Ji Hye, Park Ho San (The Call) as Gong Pil Doo, Shin Seung Ho (Love Alarm) playing Lee Hyun Sung and Nana of After School taking on the role of Jung Hee Won.

Shin Seung Ho and BLACKPINK Jisoo

Left - Shin Seung Ho who plays Lee Hyun Sung. Right - BLACKPINK Jisoo who plays Lee Ji Hye. (Photos from: @seungho__shin & @sooyaaa__)

Release date and where to watch

Production was confirmed to have only started in December 2023, hence there is no word yet on when the film will see its release. However, while waiting for the movie, you can either read the web novel first, or watch the ongoing webtoon here.

How excited are you for this movie?

(Cover photos from: @imhyoseop and @actorleeminho)

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