Can’t Get Enough Of ‘Vincenzo’? Here Are Other Dramas Starring Its Cast

More titles to add to your binge-list

K-drama Vincenzo starring Song Joong-Ki has been trending on Netflix week after week since it started last 20 February 2021. Not that we’re surprised, of course. After all, the The Godfather-esque plot of the series, mixed with light comedy and romance (not to mention the stunning visuals) are gripping whether or not you’re a fan of mafia stories.

As of writing, the drama is on its 16th episode, with four more arriving in the following weeks. Intrigued? Here are other dramas and films featuring the Vincenzo cast that will get you hooked.

Song Joong-Ki on The Innocent Man

Before he was the mafia consigliere Vincenzo Cassano, Song Joong-Ki played Kang Ma-Ru on The Innocent Man. Betrayed by his young love, Jae-Hee, to marry a rich CEO, Kang Ma-Ru’s personality gets a complete transformation. Formerly sweet and timid, he became arrogant and full of contempt. However, in his quest to seek revenge towards Jae-Hee, he found himself falling for a woman close to her. This causes his plans to spiral beyond his control.

Why it’s worth watching: While it seems to have a very twisted plot on the surface, The Innocent Man is actually a story about redemption and the power of right timing. Each character (whether they be good or bad) also has qualities that explain why they decided to do the things that they do, making them easy to sympathise with just like the characters in Vincenzo!

Jeon Yeo-Been in After My Death

If you found yourself completely in love with Jeon Yeo-Been as Hong Cha-Young in Vincenzo, then you shouldn’t miss out on her award-winning role in the film After My Death. Here she plays Young-Hee, a student who gets most of the blame after one of her close friends allegedly committed suicide due to unknown reasons. As she tries to defend herself while seeking the truth, things take a darker turn.

Why it’s worth watching: A total contrast from her feisty character in Vincenzo, Jeon Yeo-Been delivered an amazing performance in this film that will keep you emotionally invested from start to finish. After My Death also offers a thrilling viewing experience, making it perfect for those who love this genre.

Ok Taec-Yon on Save Me

Ok Taec-Yon’s role in Vincenzo showed his versatility as an actor (though we won’t spoil what he did to convince us *wink wink*). But before his role in this K-drama, he already captured our attention in the suspense thriller Save Me where he co-starred with Seo Ye-Ji (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay) and Woo Do-Hwan (The King: Eternal Monarch). As Han Sang-Hwan, he is the likeable and upright member of the core cast who tries to save one of their former classmates from a cult. Things get messier when his crew finds out that an entire village is involved in the cult, making their rescue mission seemingly impossible to accomplish.

Why it’s worth the watch: Amazing storytelling, lovable characters, and an overarching issue that eerily mirrors a bigger truth in our daily lives, Save Me is a K-drama is a must-watch. Just like Vincenzo, it doesn’t shy away from jaw-dropping twists and turns while still giving melodramatic moments that will tug at your heartstrings.

Kwak Deo-Yeon in Love In The Moonlight

Before his role as Jan Han-Seo in this K-drama, we’ve already seen him in supporting roles in many renowned titles. Some of these include Reunited Worlds, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, Gangnam Beauty, and his memorable cameo in Fight For My Way. But what really put him on most K-drama fans’ radar is his role as Crown Prince Lee Yeong’s bodyguard Kim Byeong-Yun on Love In The Moonlight.

While our hearts were captured by Park Bo-Gum and Kim Yoo-Jung in the lead roles of this historical drama, Kwak Deo-Yeon was a scene-stealer. His character was quite literally a man of a few words who excels mostly in action-packed scenes. However, he never failed to get us teary-eyed when emotional scenes rose in the story. All this, without making it feel like he’s being out-of-character as the mysterious Kim Byeong-Yun.

Why it’s worth the watch: Despite having the elements of a typical love story, Love In The Moonlight ticks all the right boxes when it comes to drama, action, and comedy. Plus, if you’re a sucker for second-leads, this drama will have you pining for yet another one of them despite Bogummy’s effective performance as the main lead. The main couple definitely reminds us of Vincenzo and Cha-Yong’s quirky dynamic, too!

Which of these titles will make it into your watchlist? Whichever you pick, we’re sure it’ll satisfy you just like your current Vincenzo fix.

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