No Need To Feel Lonely With FIFTY FIFTY — The Rising K-Pop Girl Group

Hitmakers of TikTok’s fave anthem

“I’m feeling lonely / Oh, I wish I'd find a lover that could hold me” — if you keep hearing this earworm on TikTok and wonder who made it, it’s none other than FIFTY FIFTY, who could just be the next big girl group in K-pop.

K-pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY

Meet the sweet and bubbly girl group FIFTY FIFTY. (Photo from: @we_fiftyfifty)

The girls have just made history with 34.8K monthly listeners on Spotify. The previous record was held by BLACKPINK who peaked at 34.1K monthly listeners last 26 September 2022. So let’s get to know the group.

FIFTY FIFTY: members, age, fun facts

FIFTY FIFTY is comprised of four South Korean members. Saena (aged 19) is the leader and main dancer of the group. However, the oldest in the group is Keena (aged 20) who is also the main rapper. The youngest, Sio and Aran, are 18 years old and are the main vocalist and lead vocalist, respectively. They debuted last year on 18 November 2022 with their album THE FIFTY.


From left to right: Sio, Keena, Aran and Saena. (Photo from: @we_fiftyfifty)

The group’s name comes from the idea that life is made up of equal parts of joy and pain. They also said that “FIFTY” represents the group while the other “FIFTY” in their name represents their fans who are called HUNNIES.

There’s no popular Korean music agency behind the girls (unlike other groups who also debuted last year such as NewJeans or LE SSERAFIM which both come from sub-labels of HYBE). FIFTY FIFTY hails from ATTRAKT (whose CEO painted a sad picture about the group’s background but reportedly lied about their financial struggles).

But with their background aside, there’s no denying that their single ‘Cupid’ helped them make their mark in the music industry. The song was released on 24 February 2023 and has been sitting on the Billboard charts for months. Part of the song’s success is a TikTok dance challenge with a sped-up version of the song. Check out Keena and Sio’s entry and try it out too!

Where to stream FIFTY FIFTY’s songs

You can check out the group’s music on Spotify and YouTube.

(Cover photo from: @we_fiftyfifty)

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