Bid Greasiness Goodbye With These 13 Shampoos For Oily Scalp

Bye grease, hello bounce and shine

Oil in our scalp is normal to help keep our hair naturally moisturised and healthy. However, an excessively oily scalp can lead to greasy and dirty-feeling hair that’s sometimes itchy. A couple of the causes an overly oily scalp are dry hair due to overwashing and using shampoos with too many artificial chemicals. These factors cause the scalp to be stripped of moisture, causing it to overcompensate with extra sebum production.

The solution? Using haircare products that help deal with an oily scalp while keeping your locks soft and shiny and keeps the scalp moisturised to prevent overproduction of sebum. Below, 13 best shampoos for oily scalp you can get in Singapore.

Pantene Micellar Series Pure & Cleanse Shampoo

This shampoo for oily hair (SGD15.20 for 500ml) uses Micellar technology developed in Japan to make sure your scalp and hair are clean from grease and dirt without stripping them of any moisture.

Why it's great: It’s infused with a Pro-V blend of pro vitamin B5 and antioxidants that keep the hair strong and protected from external damage, too.

TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Shampoo

Formulated with natural ingredients like ginger and green tea, this shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp from the build up of excess oil, dirt, and other impurities that affect hair growth and health.

Why it's great: This also helps rebalance the scalp’s pH, which manages excessive sebum production. Get it for SGD11.90 for 620ml.

RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Shampoo For Oily Scalp

Unhealthy hair due to an excessively oily scalp is prone to damage and breakage. Hit two birds (and more) with one stone with this oily scalp shampoo from RYO (SGD13.93 for 400ml). It helps improve root strength with whole ginseng extract. It deals with excess sebum with pine needles and mint extract.

Why it's great: It also addresses itchiness, breakage, and dryness with its special Ginsen9EX™ formula. 

Kiehl’s Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

This oily scalp shampoo pick from Kiehl’s (SGD61 for 500ml) may be on the pricier side but it’s constantly sold out thanks to its impeccable efficacy in dealing with an oily scalp. It uses herbal extracts like lavender, ivy, and yarrow that are rich in nutrients that help soothe the scalp and condition the hair. It also contains pro-vitamin B5 that helps with hair strength. 

Why it's great: Its natural ingredients make sure that you're not putting bad chemical ingredients onto your beauty routine. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Purifying & Balancing Shampoo

This shampoo (SGD22 for 250ml) uses “organically grown Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya” to refresh your scalp from impurities and damage caused by too much sebum and dirt. Enriched with Vegan Silk Protein, it helps repair the strands from inside out and leaves it clean while still locking-in moisture.

Why it's great: Apart from the good 'inside' stuff, its packaging is made from recycled plastic. Talk about supporting a greener initiative at every purchase.

KÉRASTASE Genesis Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo for Oily Scalp

This strengthening shampoo (SGD43 for 250ml) is formulated to remove intense oil build-up and reduce hair brittleness. The potent combination of Edelweiss native cells and ginger root also helps lock-in moisture and nutrients in each strand for longer-lasting effects.

Why it's great: Amazing results? Check. Salon-fresh scent? Check. 

Sebamed Oily Hair Shampoo

This soap-free, pH 5.5 shampoo (SGD47.65 for 1 litre) ensures that your scalp is well-balanced to treat the overproduction of sebum. It also has piroctone olamine which helps deal with dandruff build-up and itch.

Why it's great: We all know how pH balance is important in ensuring the skin is healthy — the scalp is skin, after all — so this is a must.

Bioderma Node G Shampooing Purifying Non-Detergent Shampoo

This shampoo regulates excess sebum production and purifies the scalp using zinc gluconate concentrate. Its anti-static cleansing agents also ensure effective but gentle deep cleansing that doesn’t harm the scalp. Get it for SGD23.92 for 400ml.

Why it's great: This product has a scientific patent proving its formula is gentle and perfect even for those with most sensitive skins.

Sukin Deep Cleanse Shampoo

One of the best shampoos for oily scalp, this one from Sukin (SGD15.75 for 500ml) contains native Australian river mint and apple cider vinegar that clears the scalp from impurities. It's balanced with algae and native Australian lemon myrtle which keeps the formula gentle and protects the scalp from damage.

Why it's great: On top of all the goodies mentioned above, it has a cooling effect too! Perfect for humid Singapore.

&Honey Smooth Herb Shampoo 1.0

This clarifying shampoo (SGD25.33 for 440ml) that's infused with rosemary, chamomile, lavender, and other natural herbal extracts has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and repairing properties that help bring back the scalp’s natural health.

Why it's great: It gives the hair a nice, lightweight feel and fresh scent all day.

Avalon Organics Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Shampoo

Dealing with itchy, irritated scalp? This shampoo (SGD32.90 for 926ml) cleanses, balances, and soothes your scalp for stronger and healthier hair by harnessing the power of tea tree extract combined with aloe, quinoa protein, and vitamin E. 

Why it's great: It's certified to have all organic ingredients, is vegan, and has a biodegradable formula that makes it good for you and the environment.

NaturVital Hair Loss Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp

This NaturVital pick (SGD23 for 300ml) has liquorice extract which is great for soothing irritation while keeping excess sebum at bay. It doesn't contain parabens, silicons, colourants, and other harmful ingredients, and comes at a pretty good price point too. What's not to love?

Why it's great: Apart from helping deal with your oily scalp, it also contains caffeine that helps strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. 

Clear Frozen Peony Micellar Anti-Dandruff Scalp Care Shampoo

Dandruff is one major sign of an oily and irritated scalp and this Clear shampoo (SGD10.50 for 480ml) helps deal with it, stat. Its Triple-Zero technology helps strengthen the scalp's defence against harsh pollutants and impurities with its gentle yet deep cleansing.

Why it's great: It also includes menthol and peony extracts that deliver a cooling sensation.

Pair these shampoos with these hair supplements that’ll make your locks even healthier.

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