Is BLACKPINK Making A Comeback? These Signs Point To Yes

The queens are coming back

“When is BLACKPINK making a comeback?” is the question the BLINK fandom has been asking for quite some time now. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa’s last album THE ALBUM dropped in 2020 October — that’s almost a year and a half ago! — so fans are definitely hungry for new music.

Well, there’s reason to believe that BLACKPINK will be returning with new tracks very soon. Here are some hints that point to the idol group’s imminent comeback.

BLACKPINK posing while on stage

BLACKPINK will soon be back “in your area”. (Photo from: @blackpinkofficial)

Jennie’s new hairstyle

Jennie’s always on top of beauty trends. Sometimes, she even creates them. But her new hairstyle might be more than her keeping with what’s in vogue, it may also be a huge clue that BLACKPINK is having a comeback soon.

New hair, new album?

The 26-year-old singer and rapper dyed her signature black locks with a light orange shade, that fans speculate is related to the concept of BLACPINK’s new release in 2022.

Jennie’s guest appearance at The Game Caterers 2

The next clue also came from Jennie. She mentioned BLACKPINK’s comeback in passing during an episode of The Game Caterers 2, a novelty show on producer Na Young Suk’s YouTube channel where he plays games with different celebrities.

Jennie reveals BLACKPINK comeback at an episode of “The Game Caterers 2”.

“BLACKPINK [is] preparing for a comeback. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but since I’m here on my own today, I’ll say what I want. Please cheer us on a lot,” Jennie said during the segment. A report by Sports Donga on the comeback alluded to Jennie’s statement and added that a source has told them that it’s happening in June.

Jisoo teased that “the song” is really good

The mystery “song” is speculated to be the upcoming hit from the K-pop quartet.

Jisoo also teased BLINKS via the Korean app and web platform Weverse with a post that translates to “the song is really good.” This led fans to believe that the upcoming single is already in its final stages and is ready to drop.

Somi’s accidental leak during an Instagram Live

An unreleased BLACKPINK song played in the background.

Canadian-Dutch-Korean singer Jeon Somi, who is under the same label as BLACKPINK, accidentally revealed a portion of an unreleased BLACKPINK track while on Instagram Live. It was only about two seconds but fans were delighted with the unplanned “teaser”.

Are you excited? We definitely are!

This article will be updated with BLACKPINK’s comeback trailer, album and other details as soon as more information becomes available.

(Cover photo from: @blackpinkofficial)

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