‘Wednesday’ Season 2 To Feature More Horror Elements

Our dark-hearted dancing queen drops an update

This article was first published on 9 January 2023.

Let’s “dance, dance, dance” because Netflix has announced that Wednesday Season 2 is in the works!

Before Netflix released the news, fans were worried that Wednesday would move to a different streaming platform because Amazon had acquired Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), which owned The Addams Family franchise. Rumours revolved around Season 2 being released on Amazon Prime, but all that was put to rest after Netflix reassured fans that Season 2 is coming soon.

Wednesday Season 2: teaser, plot, cast, and more

In the teaser, you’ll hear Lady Gaga’s addictive ‘Bloody Mary’ track. After Season 1 aired, fans used and created a viral dance trend on TikTok that spotlighted Wednesday’s iconic dance scene. It blew up and even Lady Gaga joined in the fun.

The teaser also features clips of fans from all around the world showing their love and support for the show. The show broke records and crossed the one billion-hour view mark within its first 28 days. It’s the third show to achieve this milestone alongside Stranger Things Season 4 and Squid Game.

The show has also made waves in the beauty world as Wednesday’s viral makeup look has been searched for and viewed over 100 Million times by fans on TikTok

Jenna Ortega has revealed in an interview that the upcoming season will focus more on the horror aspects of the show and will ditch the romantic subplots of the first season. As one of the producers of the new season, she now has more power on how the story will go.

Stay tuned for more details about Season 2’s plot, cast, and release date. While waiting, you can watch or re-watch Wednesday Season 1 here.

Netflix series Wednesday: cast and plot

In Season 1, Jenna Ortega (You, Jane The Virgin) was joined by Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago, Legend of Zorro) as Addams Family’s elegant matriarch Morticia, Luis Guzmán (Magnolia) as the larger-than-life patriarch Gomez Addams, and Isaac Ordonez (A Wrinkle In Time) as Wednesday’s brother, Pugsley. Thing, the family's "hand servant" was brought to life by a Romanian magician named Victor Dorabantu.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Netflix series 'Wednesday'.

Jenna Ortega nails the classic Wednesday Addams look. (Photo from: @wednesdaynetflix)

Fans of The Addams Family (1991) movie enjoyed seeing Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in the film, make an appearance in the show.

Wednesday, directed by Tim Burton, is a coming-of-age horror-comedy series in which the titular character is a high school student at Nevermore Academy navigating adolescence and attempting to master her supernatural abilities.

(Cover photo from: @jennaortega)

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