Review: Is SHR Really ‘Super’ Effective As A Laser Hair Removal Method?

Bye uneven tones and chicken skin!

Step aside plucking, waxing, and IPL — Super Hair Removal may be here to take your place. Super Hair Removal, or SHR, is a hair removal treatment that promises to slow down hair regrowth with longer-lasting results with more accurate and gentle lasers. Want to know what makes it super effective, and is SHR any good? We consulted with Crystal Lee, founder of Peachy Skin Bar which offers bespoke beauty treatments in Singapore, on everything you need to know about SHR. We also gave Peachy Skin Bar's Peachy Fuzz treatment, along with their post-fuzz Fuzz+ Therapy, a review and give you our verdict.

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SHR vs. IPL: what's the difference?

Super Hair Removal in process

(Photo from: Peachy Skin Bar)

"IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal and SHR (Super Hair Removal) are both permanent hair removal methods, but SHR trumps IPL when it comes to comfort, results, and convenience," Crystal shared.

IPL works by exposing light that's absorbed by melanin pigments in dark coarse hair. When applied to finer, lighter-coloured hair, the lack of melanin can make IPL not as effective. Here's where SHR comes in.

"The wavelengths of light in SHR not only gets absorbed by melanin but also by the hair-producing stem cells in the skin. So SHR can target both dark coarse hair and fine light hair, stopping the regeneration of these hair follicles," she explained. If you have naturally fine body hair, then this procedure might be better for you.

SHR also uses gentle fluence pulses at a higher frequency, so it’s kinder to your skin and covers more surface area compared to IPL. "IPL's high-intensity light pulses might increase customer's risk of skin burns and the sensation is not as comfortable. For SHR, the skin is heated more gently, keeping skin trauma at bay," Crystal added.

SHR also has cool-touch technology which helps to increase comfort. "It’s an ideal choice for sensitive areas, such as the bikini area," she said.

Aside from that, you need to go through only five to six SHR sessions in two- to three-week intervals to see the results. The sessions also last from 10 to 30 minutes each, so it can be super convenient for ladies with busy schedules.

Preparations for SHR

How to prepare for SHR

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Interested to try SHR? Here’s what you need to do to prepare for it. Since SHR is a hair removal method that's "painless and non-invasive" you don't need to take any painkillers like ibuprofen prior to the session, which is something you can do before a waxing appointment. The frequency can be adjusted depending on your pain tolerance and the body area, so you should also communicate with your attendant before starting the session.

"We advise all customers to shave a day before their treatment for best results, but they can also opt for our professional shaving services," Crystal said. "If shaving services are required, the customer will be given a new shaver and it will be disposed of after use on the spot."

Afterwards, the attendant will thoroughly cleanse the treatment area to remove any impurities on the skin. Not a lot of prep for you, personally, so you just have to walk into the salon once you’re ready to try SHR.

If you’ve been a loyal customer for IPL or waxing but are open to trying new hair removal methods, then you don’t have to wait long before trying SHR. One of its perks is that you can have it done almost immediately after any other hair removal activities. "As long as your skin is not experiencing any pain or trauma, you can proceed with your SHR treatment once you observe hair regrowth," Crystal advised. "This can take from one to three weeks depending on the hair removal method."

Reviewing the Peachy Fuzz SHR Treatment

Is SHR as super as it seems? #TeamClozette Editor and Head of Content Becks Ko tried it, and here’s her verdict.

"I often wear sleeveless outfits so I usually tweeze my underarm hair once every two weeks or so. That's more or less sufficient for me, but I find that sometimes I may miss out on certain areas and that it’s not as 'clean-looking' as I want it to be," she shared. 

Becks after Super Hair Removal

Shaving, plucking, and waxing can lead to chicken skin. SHR promises to leave your skin looking soft and smooth with its gentler light pulses.

Becks has tried IPL for a review years ago but never found the need to keep at it. So to see if SHR could deliver the smooth and fuzz-free underarms it promises — as well as the convenience a busy mum like her seeks — Becks visited Peachy Skin Bar’s Seletar Mall branch.

"In terms of comfort level, I found that there is not much of a difference between SHR and IPL since the frequency level can be adjusted according to the customer’s pain threshold. But since SHR dispenses light energy with a higher frequency at a lower temperature as compared to IPL, SHR does seem like the better option," Becks added. She also appreciated that SHR needs to be done only once a month, though it is recommended for one to get the treatment once every two to three weeks.

Plus, Becks noticed a very obvious slower regrowth compared to plucking after undergoing SHR. After two weeks, her peach fuzz is sparser than usual. "Will I do it again? Absolutely," she said without missing a beat.

Post-SHR care

You can do standard post-laser care such as putting on soothing aloe vera gel in the armpit area and the like. But Peachy Skin Bar takes it a step further with its Peach Fuzz+ Therapy, which can be treated as a post-treatment therapy or a standalone service.

"The full treatment includes cleansing of the treated area, enzyme mask/light exfoliation scrub, IPL brightening, targeted body mask, and a final seal of all nourishment with a soothing moisturiser for cleaner, smoother, and more supple skin," Crystal explained.

The Peach Fuzz+ Therapy is also great for those who want to lighten any scars or darkened skin in specific areas of their body.

Reviewing the Fuzz+ Therapy

Fuzz+ Therapy Review

The Fuzz+ Therapy uses an enzyme mask to chemically exfoliate your underarms.

Becks also tried the Peach Fuzz+ Therapy to see if this post-laser skincare treatment can improve her post-laser complexion. "It may be hard to believe its instant brightening effect — I didn’t really believe it either at the start — but I was quite amazed by the improved skin clarity on my underarms," she shared. Her underarms immediately felt smoother and looked brighter and clearer after the Peach Fuzz+ therapy.

Curious to give SHR a go? You can try one session of the SHR hair removal and whitening package for any one body part starting at ~USD37.08 when you visit Peachy Skin Bar’s branches in Seletar Mall and City Gate in Singapore.

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