Is This TikTok-Controversial Lip Balm A Hidden Moisturising & Plumping Gem?

Colour, hydration, and glossiness?

TikTok is a treasure chest of beauty reviews. If you’ve been on BeautyTok, chances are you’ve come across the MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm a.k.a one of the more controversially reviewed products on the platform. There are two camps: people who seem to knowingly use the product incorrectly and others who think it’s pretty easy to use — with some caution. To the casual viewer, the lip gloss balm is known for its fun colours and melt-off-the-stick consistency. So will this viral lip product find its way into our everyday makeup bags?

MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm flatlay

Should you give the MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm a chance?

#TBLBureau Campaigns Executive Lizanne tried it out to see what all the hype is about. Read on to learn her candid thoughts.

*The product was sent as a press gift. The views and opinions expressed by the reviewer are independent and purely editorial.

First impressions, claims and ingredients

Lizanne was one of the people who first discovered the product through the viral reviews of the MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm. “It was quite controversial in the beauty space with a lot of people talking about how the product was too soft and difficult to use.”



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Lizanne looks for three things when it comes to her hydrating lip products: “It needs to be moisturising because I have dry skin, leave a nice stain because I’m usually too lazy to keep reapplying, and last throughout the day without leaving my lips with the weird dry-yet-waxy texture on the inside.” Can the MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm hold up?

Let’s look at its ingredients. The gloss balm is formulated with coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oil that work together to nourish and condition your lips while also leaving a glassy shine. It also creates a “plumping” effect with its combination of ginger root oil, capsicum extract and menthol crystals.

The brand also claims that while it will leave your pout glossy, it shouldn’t feel sticky at all.

MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm packaging

MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm packaging close-up

The non-retractable packaging requires some self-control, even for the thriftiest beauty user.

The MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm comes in a non-retractable plastic tube showing the same colour as your chosen shade. You’ll need to twist the end of the tube to access the lip gloss balm for application. Since it’s non-retractable, you should only twist it up until a sliver of the balm goes past the rim. Otherwise, you may end up like a lot of content creators who had the balm breaking off once applied to your pout.

Leaving too much product can also lead to a mess once you put the cap back on. So remember to twist wisely!

Applying the lip gloss balm

a swatch of the MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm on the back of the hand to show its texture

It’s a non-greasy gloss in stick form.

So is applying the gloss balm as messy as the TikToks make it look?

“The product is very soft which makes it a bit trickier to apply,” Lizanne affirmed. “I expected the product to be very soft, which it was, but I feel that it was a bit too soft. This made application and packaging messy too — I would have to wipe the excess from the rim of the tube after each use.”

On the plus side, it does deliver a beautiful sheer glossy swash of colour on the lips. “The product has a shiny gloss texture that makes your lips look very juicy,” she added. “Because it’s a gloss, I couldn’t really blend it out. But it looks great as a topper on top of other lip products like a lip stain.”

And if you’re looking for a glossy nude pink lippie, the shade Amped is worth considering. “I’m more of a brown or nude lip girl but this was quite a pleasant shade of pink,” Lizanne explained. “It adds a nice girly touch to my makeup look on days I feel like wearing something a bit more colourful or noticeable compared to a brown lip.”

As for the minty, plumping sensation you get upon applying the gloss balm, Lizanne confirms that it can last for a few hours.

Would you try the MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm?

Final verdict on the MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm

So is this gloss balm stick a must-have and would Lizanne repurchase it once she’s used it up?

“If you’re looking to try plumping glosses for the first time, this product is a good choice because the minty feeling is not too overpowering and the gloss effect makes your lips look juicy too," she advised. "I would recommend this to someone who likes glossy lips and enjoys a minty feeling in their lip products."

Overall, the MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm looks like a fun, nostalgia-inspired product. However, we would’ve wanted to see it in a more user-friendly packaging. That said, it still delivers a sweet pink finish to complete your looks.

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Price and where to buy in Singapore

Curious to try it out too? The MAC Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm is priced at SGD38 and is available in six shades at Sephora.

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