Hype Hound: Is Glossier Boy Brow Really A Game Changer?

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It's no secret that brows are a hot topic in the beauty world. Decade by decade, the definition of 'perfect brows' shifts. We went from overplucking our eyebrows to get that thin, wispy line to using lash serum to thicken our brows. Celebrities have always been a force in influencing brow trends, and today there are no other brows more popular than Cara Delavinge's. Her full, shaped and fluffed eyebrows are the envy of many ladies. But how do we achieve something that we're not naturally born with? It's easy enough to pluck hairs, but growing lush brows is another game.

Glossier Boy Brow in black

Enter the Boy Brow. It was one of Glossier's first products and remains to be a best-seller. Boy Brow's promise is simple: It's an all-in-one product. You don't have to use another tool to thicken, fill in, and groom brows. Everything you need to achieve that natural-looking full brows is in a 3.12g bottle. It sounds like a dream, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. We bought it for PHP999 from a reputable Shopee account. 

"My brows are admittedly the part of my face I have yet to perfect in terms of makeup application. I'm not really one to try getting a perfect pair because they don't look natural — they're cousins, not sisters, after all — but I do appreciate well-groomed brows, especially when they're done with minimal effort. So hearing all the raves for the Glossier Boy Brow got me excited to try the product.

Above: before; Below: after

Compared with eyebrow gels I've tried before, I'd say the Boy Brow is good but not as stellar as others have touted it to be. Granted, this is based on just a first impression. I'd say the product worked well in the sense that it did groom my brows and make them look a bit fuller than they usually are but still natural. The price tag is what makes me feel like it's OK to give this a pass. I think there are more inexpensive options that give the same results."

"I usually prefer wax and powder for my brows, so brow gels are new territory. I had high hopes for this product considering the price vs. product size ratio but was dismayed as soon as I started using it. While the darkest shade (black) worked well for me despite the contrast to my dyed hair, the consistency of the product itself felt like brushing mascara over my brows. It also has the tendency to be clumpy if you don't apply it lighthandedly, and while the brush is promising, there's just something about the formula that keeps the hairs stick together in a weird and stiff kind of way.

Above: before; Below: after

It did an okay job making my brows look groomed once it set but application took a lot of effort. Overall, it's not a bad product, but it's not something I would consider repurchasing considering the effort and time in applying plus the price point."

"I've never used any brow products until Glossier so I have nothing to compare it to. I was born with thick, long brows that are as black as they can be. Upon using the Boy Brow for the first time, I felt like my brows ended up looking ridiculous. It could be my untrained hands applying way too much product which caused it to clump. I feel like if I had used the clear version of the Boy Brow, the results would have been better. 

Above: before; Below: after

After the initial impression, I still decided to give it a try for three weeks. My experience improved a little when I discovered that by being very light-handed and applying a few strokes, the Boy Brow could act as a gel to hold my brows in place. Overall, I think that this product in this particular shade is not for me because I already have full brows. Maybe, I'll try the clear variant in the future and see if there's a difference."

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