Hype Hound: Will Rihanna's Undereye Brightener Help Our Dark Circles?

An eye-opening product that we’ve always wanted?

Fenty Beauty’s Bright Fix Undereye Brightener is a promising, beauty pick-me-up for those dealing with darkness under the eyes. Undereye circles are often formed as a result of several factors, such as the lack of sleep, sun overexposure, or even genetics. Regardless of the cause, it’s no secret it’s a common beauty woe that many of us wish to address (even if the TikTok community may think otherwise) to achieve a brighter and healthier-looking complexion. 

On this note, #TeamClozette’s Laura (Creative Manager), Sheryl (Features Writer) and Stephanie (Campaigns Manager) recently gave Rihanna’s new Undereye Brightener a go to see if it’s the “quick fix” that they’ve always wanted — and needed — to help hydrate, brighten and conceal their dark undereye circles. Read on for their review. 

*The product was sent as a press gift. The views and opinions of the reviewers are independent and purely editorial.

Fenty Beauty Undereye Brightener in Peach

Close-up of Fenty Peach Underye Brightener and product applied on face

Creative Manager Laura wears Fenty Beauty’s Undereye Brightener in Peach.

“I was excited to try Fenty Beauty’s Undereye Brightener as I have very dark undereye circles and I am always on the lookout for good undereye concealers. I haven’t tried Fenty Beauty’s products before so I was interested to see how this product will turn out,” enthused Creative Manager Laura. 

Sharing more about her undereye woe, Laura revealed that she has “very dry eyes” as well due to eczema and, as such, was a big fan of the product’s creamy texture. “I like that the product’s texture feels moisturising on my skin,” she added. True enough, the product has been formulated with the brand’s HydraBlend complex, which is composed of hydrating ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate to help attract and hold moisture to the skin. 

Despite this major plus point, Laura shared: “I love its creamy texture, however, it felt a little too lightweight for me as I found myself having to reapply the product throughout the day,” she revealed. 

Fenty Beauty Undereye Brightener in Melon

Close-up of Fenty Melon Underye Brightener and product applied on face

Features Writer Sheryl wears Fenty Beauty’s Undereye Brightener in Melon.

“Fenty Beauty’s Eaze Drop was such a game-changer for me, so I was more than happy to give their Undereye Brightener a go. After all, I’ve had dark undereye circles for as long as I can remember and I’m still on the hunt for that perfect concealer that’ll help to resolve this pesky woe. I blame it on my lack of sunscreen use when I was younger,” shared Features Writer Sheryl.

“The product had an instant brightening effect that still looked really natural on my skin. Given its serum-like texture, I wasn’t afraid to dab a little more of the product over the same area to build up its coverage. This product is pretty much fool-proof even for a makeup novice like myself,” she added.

In short, this is an eye-bright wonder that’ll effectively help your eyes look much more awake and radiant-looking. As for her only gripe with the product, Sheryl had the same thoughts as Laura in wishing that the product would last longer on her skin: “After being out and about for five hours or so, I noticed that the product didn’t hold up as strongly as it did at the start. My undereye area started to look slightly patchy too.”

Reflecting on her experience, Sheryl deduced that dabbing a thin layer of finishing powder might have helped her makeup to stay on longer. Following this mattifying makeup tip may help you to achieve a smoother and more flawless-looking complexion as well. 

Fenty Beauty Undereye Brightener in Deep Butter

Close-up of Fenty Deep Butter Underye Brightener and product applied on face

Campaigns Manager Stephanie wears Fenty Beauty’s Undereye Brightener in Deep Butter.

Meanwhile, for Campaigns Manager Stephanie, the brand’s inclusivity approach is just one of the many plus points about the product. “I know that there’s always a right shade for me with Fenty Beauty! My favourite aspect of the Undereye Brightener is its easy-to-use, small squeeze tube design as it allows me to apply the product directly onto my under eye area,” gushed Campaigns Manager Stephanie. 

For all-day wear, Stephanie applied the product directly from the tube and blended it in with a beauty sponge. Then, she layered her foundation and loose powder to mattify her face. Aside from the product’s moisturising yet lightweight texture, Stephanie also gave two thumbs up to the product’s buildable, blendable formula, revealing that it did not leave her with any creases even after wearing it for an entire day. “My undereye area still looked smooth! I usually carry a concealer in my makeup bag when I go out, but with this product, I did not have to touch up my undereye at all,” she added. 

Final thoughts

Fenty Beauty’s Bright Fix Undereye Brightener is the perfect “quick fix” for dark undereye circles — just like the brand intended it to be. It provides wearers with buildable coverage, an instant brightening effect and boasts a thoughtful, hydrating formula. 

However, given the difference in long-wear mileage that Laura, Sheryl and Stephanie have experienced after wearing the product, you may wish to consider a few other factors and adapt your makeup routine accordingly to help the product stay on longer. This includes using product textures that suit your skin type as well as understanding that more products or specific makeup application techniques may be required to manage the severity of your dark undereye circles. 

For Laura, she would prefer to go with a heavier-duty, longer-lasting undereye product that’ll help her to cover her dark undereye circles. Facing an undesirable undereye situation similar to Laura’s? Consider layering the brand’s bestselling Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer (just like the brand has recommended!) over this product for fuller coverage. 

In all, the Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Undereye Brightener is still an affordable, impressive undereye brightener that’s worth a spot on our makeup shelves. It is available in 16 shades and is currently retailing at Sephora’s e-store for ~USD27.50.

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