Here Are All Of BLACKPINK Jennie's Best Beauty Moments

Looks worth copping

BLINK or not, you can't deny how the ladies of BLACKPINK slay in beauty and fashion. All four of them never fail to serve striking makeup and hairstyles on- and off-stage. Their trendsetting makeup and styling create a synergy that not only gives their performances a greater impact but helps to highlight their distinct personalities as well. Given that, of course, all of their own unique looks are totally worth copping, but for something that's edgy yet elegant, it's Jennie Kim, the K-pop girl group's resident rapper we turn to for inspiration. Scroll down to see all of BLACKPINK Jennie's beauty looks we absolutely love.

All glammed up

Out of all the members of the group, Jennie, who has mostly been doing away with colours since their debut, seems to be the least experimental with her hair. That's why her decision to mix platinum blonde with her dark locks in their latest music video, How You Like That was a welcome surprise to us all. Her contrasting hair colour was a risky choice, but she flawlessly pulled the hair transformation off and made it all look glam with a bejewelled headdress and a teardrop-shaped gem to match.

Dazzling eyes

Speaking of glittering looks, we can't help but look back at this bedazzled one featured in her Jennie SOLO photobook to commemorate her solo debut. The incorporation of gems, sequins, and more made her otherwise simple look appear dazzling. In fact, by keeping her base plain and flawless, Jennie's makeup appeared not too overwhelming despite its eye-catching details. We're definitely stealing this look the next time we're able to enjoy partying on our girls' night out!

Nostalgic in pink

Apparently, girly hairclips from our childhood work as chic accessories too. Take it from BLACKPINK Jennie's beauty look in this whimsical shot. Seeing her play around with the plastic clips and that adorable stick-on Hello Kitty tattoo — relics from our childhood — brings back memories, doesn't it? Clad in soft tones of pink, Jennie appears both doll-like and elegant, succeeding in bringing about that unique nostalgic charm.

Matching hues

She also makes a case for thematic dressing. To match her clothes, Jennie's makeup features a white, winged eyeliner. Not only that, but her powder blue nails also helped complete her sky blue outfit as well. It's all effortless yet striking, minimising the need for extra accessories to go with her ensemble.

Subtle glow

BLACKPINK Jennie's beauty looks in her performances are great at inspiring quirky looks for the 'gram and for special occasions. But for something more apt for your every day, how about stealing this understated one? The barely-there makeup utilises a subtle gloss dabbed on her lips, lids, and cheekbones, highlighting her best features especially as they come under natural light. Now that's what you call glowing perfection.

(Cover photo from: @jennierubyjane)

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