Try These 10 Short Hairstyles To Switch Up Your Mane Game

Chop chop!

Want to change up your look? It's high time to consider chopping off your locks and trading them in for a short hairstyle. Aside from creating a drastic change to your overall appearance, it also has the added benefit of keeping you cool in Singapore's warm weather.


What is a "short" hairstyle, anyway?

Girl with short hairstyle for women

Short hairstyles involve less maintenance and fewer products — time- and money-saving, indeed.


Before we dive into the types of short hairstyles, we need to determine how short a short 'do really is. Here's the answer: short hair is anything from a cropped ‘do above the ears to chin length. As long as your mane doesn't reach your shoulders, it's considered a short haircut!

Some short-haired icons we know and love are Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson, and Blackpink's Lisa Manoban.

Ready to make the change? Check out these short hairstyles for Asian women below.


1. The pixie


The pixie hairdo is the quintessential short hairstyle for Asian ladies. Aside from being easy to manage, it's also highly customisable. The pixie can be so short and cropped that you don't need to put any effort into styling it. It can also be cut in a longer length, so you and your hairstylist have more room to play with layers, waves, highlights and spikes.

How to style a pixie haircut

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream product shot

The Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream. (Photo from:

Keep your pixie frizz-free with a smoothing and conditioning hair cream like the Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream. It has the brand’s Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) that blocks humidity — which we have a lot of in our corner of the world — from weighing down your hair or creating hair frizz, keeping your locks polished and moisturised.

The Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream is available for SGD54 per 236ML via Sephora.

2. Undercut pixie


If you want to have an edgier take on the classic pixie haircut, ask your hairstylist for an undercut. This will shorten all the hair close to the nape of your neck while leaving longer tresses to frame your face.

How to style a pixie undercut

3. The mullet


Before you scoff at it, the mullet has definitely been updated for the 21st century. Bringing truth to the adage "business in the front and party in the back", this 'do makes a statement on its own.

How to style a mullet

4. The mixie

The mixie is a trendy haircut that's creating a lot of buzz online. The lovechild of the classic pixie and the controversial mullet, the mixie keeps your hair pretty short in the front — soft curtain bangs optional — with all the length in the back. It's both stylish and manageable and highlights strong cheekbones and jawlines.

How to style a mixie haircut

5. Wedge haircut


The wedge haircut, which also goes by names like A-line or the inverted bob, is popularly referred to as the "Karen" haircut after the stereotype. In contrast to the mixie, the wedge haircut keeps the front length longer than the back. This short hairstyle for Asian women creates a lot of volume for your side profile, which is often complemented by chunky highlights.

How to style a wedge haircut

6. The bob


The bob is exactly what you think it is: a chin-length haircut that tapers towards the front. There are a lot of different bob variations, from blunt bobs with a sharp line to ones with softer flared ends. There's also the lob, or long bob, that grazes your shoulders. This short hairstyle is perfect for Asian women, since it's very easy to maintain, can accommodate any hair thickness, and suits many ages.

How to style a bob cut

7. The asymmetrical bob

Speaking of bob variations, the asymmetrical bob is a short hairstyle for those who prefer to keep their hair parted to the side. Your mane will be "uneven" but in the nicest way possible. The haircut has a longer side with the length increasing towards your chin, while the hair on the shorter side can be tucked behind your ear for a classy look.

How to style an asymmetrical bob cut

8. The wolf cut


If you've caught Squid Game, you'd be familiar with Jung Hoyeon's hairstyle in the series. It's called the wolf cut, where there's lots of volume on top and the ends are thinned out. She wore the short hairstyle with loose waves, which you can also achieve with a spritz of a hair texturising spray or wax.

How to style a wolf cut

Texturizing hair styling products collage

Left - OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray. (Photo from: Right - IGK Broken Dreams Hair Texture Paste. (Photo from:

Style your wolf cut with the OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray, a talc-free hairspray-dry shampoo hybrid formula. If you want more moisture in your mane, the IGK Broken Dreams Hair Texture Paste has argan and jojoba seed oil for extra nourishment.

You can find the OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray for SGD42 per 128ML through Sephora. The IGK Broken Dreams Hair Texture Paste is available for SGD40 per 59ML at Sephora.

9. The bowl cut

TWICE Jeongyeon bowl cut

TWICE’s Jeongyeon debuted with a bowl cut variation. (Photo from: Wikimedia Commons)


Go retro with the bowl cut, a gender-neutral short hairstyle that's easy to maintain and makes your locks look lustrously healthy. You can tone it down by having your hair softly taper off, rather than getting a blunt cut all around.

How to style a bowl cut

@littlepixiegirlx you either die a k-pop stan or live long enough to become your bias #kpop #bowlcut #shorthairgirl #bowlcutbrat ♬ original sound - grandma_droniak

10. The buzzcut


For folks who want a really major change, consider a buzzcut. Yes! Shave off your hair until there's only a little fuzz on your head. This will minimise all hairstyling and care, in addition to letting your face be the star of the show.

How to style a buzzcut

Which of these short hairstyles for Asian women will you rockin' soon?

Want to keep your hair long? Here's how to style it in a fun way.

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