The Wolf Cut Is The Hair Trend Of The Moment, Here’s How To Get It

Wild but elegant

Along with the rise of TikTok and home haircuts since the pandemic startedare unexpected trending hairstyles. There’s the sudden love for middle parts over side parts. There’s also the newfound appreciation for mullets — or rather, its modern soft-served version. And now, the Wolf Cut hairstyle is stealing the spotlight, giving us a mix of the mullet and the shag.

Now you might be thinking: what an odd combo! On paper, it really is. Who would think that the mullet (dubbed the ugliest haircut) and the shag (with its edgy, volume-filled layers) should have a love child? People from TikTok apparently.

Taking inspiration from a South Korean hair trend of the same name, the Wolf Cut is best known for its wild layers, bouncy volume, and most importantly, a textured fringe cut at brow length that cascades at the sides to frame the face. It should resemble wolf’s fur (or a gumiho’s) that’s elegantly feral.

Ready to give it a try? Here’s how.

Get a layered haircut


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Start with the base of your look by getting a layered haircut. You can have it professionally done or you can do it at home for a ‘choppier’ look. What’s important is to make the layers really evident to give the hair that ‘wild’ silhouette.

Work on that fringe

The key to the Wolf Cut is to frame the face with a cascading fringe. To achieve this, go for curtain bangs as they look flattering on every face shape. If you have naturally tame or straight hair and plan to leave it as is, make sure the fringe length falls just around or below eyebrow length around the middle. If you’ll curl or blow dry the look after the cut (or your hair has natural waves), make sure you cut a little longer, around the apples of your cheeks. This is to give your fringe allowance to ‘shorten’ after you start curling or once your natural texture kicks in.

It’s all about volume and texture

Wolf Cut Hair Styling Tools

(Left) Medavita’s Huile D’Etoile Dreamful Leave-In Detangling Conditioner pH 3.5 (SGD50); (Middle) Powella’s Holistic Hair Salt of the Earth Styling and Volumising Hair Spray (SGD36); (Right) GHD’s Rise Hot Brush (SGD30)

Once you’re good with your cut, it’s time to finally embrace the wolfy vibes by amping up the volume and texture.

Start with a hair care product like Medavita’s Huile D’Etoile Dreamful Leave-In Detangling Conditioner pH 3.5 (SGD50) that ensures your strands are in top shape before you do extra styling.

Next, go for a styling tool like GHD’s Rise Volumising Hot Brush (SGD30) that gives you the liberty to give your cut a natural blowout-like texture, a wispy outward curl or just a smooth layered look without too much effort.

Lastly, seal the deal with a finishing product like Powella’s Holistic Hair Salt of the Earth Styling and Volumising Hair Spray (SGD36) that cares for your hair with its nutrient-filled formula while keeping the hairstyle bouncy and intact all day.

Which TikTok-famous retro-inspired look do you think will get a modern take next?

(Cover photo from: @hikari)

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