Will This New OUAI Hair Gloss Help You Bid Adieu To Frizzy Hair?

Say bye-bye to frizz and hello to shiny hair

Frizzy hair? Gone. Shiny, glossy hair? Back in. If you’ve got frizzy hair, you’d know how hard it is to style it on the daily, not to mention how tough it can be to tame those unruly, frazzled-looking tresses. But now, your struggles might just be coming to an end as haircare brand OUAI has a new Hair Gloss that's designed to make your strands look super shiny and feel healthy. 

New Ouai Hair Gloss

A new hair product that will make your hair shine straight out of the shower. (Photo from: @theouai)

The Ouai Hair Gloss

So, what's good about the new OUAI Hair Gloss? The brand says that it’s similar to shampoo but gives your hair the shine it needs in just five minutes! Apart from this cool benefit, the Hair Gloss also claims to protect your hair against colour fading, helps treat damage, and gives heat protection up to 450° F (232° C) — great benefits especially if you often use heat-styling tools to create different hairstyles. 

The Hair Gloss is made with a blend of good things — hyaluronic acid, rice water and panthenol — to ensure that your crowning glory is given the princess treatment it deserves. Plus, you don’t have to use it every day because it claims to last up to three washes. Shiny hair and money saved? Sign us up. 

How to use the Hair Gloss

First, you have to clean your hair and remove the excess water. Make sure it’s not too dry so the product can still stay on your hair. 

Next, separate your hair into two-inch sections. Get a pea-sized amount of the hair gloss and apply from the mid part to the end of each section. Comb through it to ensure that all parts are covered by the product. Let the product sit on your hair for five minutes before rinsing it with water.

Lastly, style with some heat for the best results! OUAI says that you won’t need to use any other products like conditioner after the Hair Gloss. Sounds like a dream yes? Each bottle is priced at SGD57 per 177ML and is available for purchase on the Sephora Singapore website.

Frizzy hair folks, would you give this a go?

(Cover photos from: @theouai)

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