How Celebs Are Rocking The Hime Haircut, As Seen On Suzy In ‘Doona!’

A pretty, bold and edgy look

Doona!, the romance K-drama series on Netflix starring idol-turned-actress Bae Suzy and actor Yang Se-jong recently wrapped up after nine episodes. We're not here to give you spoilers on how the series ended, so don't worry if you haven't caught up on it just yet. Instead, we're here to discuss Suzy's hime hairstyle in the show that has viewers talking — and tempted to chop their locks off. Let's get into it.

Bae Suzy in 'Doona'! hair cut

Yang Se-Jeong and Bae Suzy star in the Netflix romance K-drama, 'Doona!'. (Photo from: @netflixkr)

Bae Suzy's hime cut: why is it trending?

Bae Suzy's hairstyle: Hime cut with bangs

Suzy's face card never declines. We're also in awe of how she rocks the hime cut in 'Doona!'. (Photos from: @skuukzky

Unlike the classic, honey-brown, tousled locks that female leads typically sport in romance K-dramas, Suzy's haircut in this drama series is particularly eye-catching as she has straight, jet-black hair and a jaw-drop cut for her sidelocks. This style of haircut is often referred to as 'hime', which references the Japanese word for 'princess'. It's also amassed over 34 million views on TikTok as of writing.

Hime cut: is it suitable for all face shapes?

@liana.melabimage Replying to @. ⚠️ Types who don't suit the Hime cut hairstyle 🙅‍♀️ #himecut is trending in Korea right now, but it might not be the best hairstyle for you! 🔽 Facial features that suit well with Hime cut + full bangs ✅ a round face shape ✅ delicate front cheekbones ✅ large & round-shaped eyes ✅ a soft & rounded chin ✅ a strong Ingenue essence 🔽 Better to avoid Hime cut if you have.. ❌ a long and tapered chin ❌ sharp & high side cheekbones ❌ a square face shape ❌ balanced facial features #himehaircut #suzy #doona #kdrama #koreanhairstyle #koreanstyle #kbeauty #momotwice #hairstyle #fringecut #히메컷 #이두나 #수지히메컷 ♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono - moshimo sound design

Considering yourself 'influenced' after seeing Suzy rock this bold hairstyle? You might wish to hold your horses (or your scissors) first as it might not look good on everyone.

According to personal stylist and TikTok creator Liana, she recommends the 'hime' hair cut and full bangs for those who have a round face shape, delicate front cheekbones and large, round-shaped eyes. If you have a square face shape or a long, tapered chin, this style might not look good on you as it can create the illusion of an even wider face shape. 

K-celebs who've rocked the hime cut: NewJeans' Hanni, Song Hye Kyo & more

Hime cut hair trend: NewJeans' Hanni and Song Hye Kyo

Left - She's platinum: NewJeans' Hanni in an edgier version of the hime cut. (Photo from: @newjeans_official). Right - 'The Glory' actress Song Hye Kyo debuted a hime cut at the Met Gala. (Photo from: @kyo1122. Photographed by Park Jong Ha)

The hime cut has been around for a few years now, but only a handful of celebs truly have the chops — and the visual prowess — to pull off this bold look.

Two celebs who presented a high-fashion take on this hair trend, sans the full fringe? Hanni of emerging K-girl group NewJeans, who rocked a platinum 'do and Hime-style bangs at a Gucci fashion show. Meanwhile, actress Song Hye Kyo wow-ed fans with blunt, Hime-style bangs when she attended the Met Gala earlier this May. 

Hime hair cut: TWICE's Momo hairstyle

She's in her short hair era: TWICE's Momo rocks a hime-style hair cut. (Photos from: @momo

Another celeb who has nailed this trend is TWICE's Momo, who embraced the look with a full fringe and glossy black hair. She's also taken the look one step further with a shorter haircut that's complemented by multiple layers. 

So, what do you think of the hime cut? Would you be game enough to give this a try during your next visit to the hair salon? 

(Cover photos from: @skuukzky and @momo)

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