Will This New Series Starring Shin Se-kyung Captivate K-Melodrama Fans?

Catch the actress opposite Jo Jung Suk of ‘Hospital Playlist’

Shin Se-kyung dressed in a hanbok (Korean traditional attire). The ever-charismatic Jo Jung-suk as a ruthless king. Does this already pique your interest? Then it’s time you considered adding Captivating The King to your watchlist. Read on for more info about this Korean period melodrama — including its plot, release date and where you can stream it, stat.

Captivating The King: plot, trailer and more

'Captivating The King' leads Shin Se Kyung and Jo Jung Suk

Left - Shin Se-Kyung’s character Hee-Soo disguises herself as a man in the series. (Photo from: @sjkuksee). Right - Jo Jung-suk plays a prince, who abruptly ascends to the throne. (Photo from: @jament_official).

Set in the Joseon dynasty, Captivating The King tells the story of Prince Lee In (played by Jo Jung-suk), who suddenly ascends to the throne. Before becoming King, Lee In had forged a friendship with Shin Se-kyung’s character Kang Hee-soo over their love for playing baduk (a board game).

Watch: The official trailer of 'Captivating The King'.

However, as Lee In finds himself embroiled in power and political struggles, he decides to cast aside his friendship with Hee-soo. Hee-soo, who’s been disguising herself as a man, is humiliated and resolves to seek revenge on Lee In. She finds herself going through emotional turmoil after she realises that she has fallen in love with Lee In.

Shin Se-kyung and Jo Jung-suk: An unexpectedly delightful pairing?

Shin Se Kyung stars in K-Drama 'Captivating The King' opposite Jo Jung Suk

She’s a gorgeous female lead: 34-year-old actress Shin Se-kyung stars in ‘Captivating the King’. (Photo from: @sjkuksee)

K-actress and model Shin Se-kyung isn’t new to playing prolific characters in period dramas — after all, she took on the role of a noblewoman who falls in love with Cha Eun-woo’s character in Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung. She’s also starred in Run On opposite idol-turned-actor Yim Si-wan, as well as in The Bride of Habaek (also known as The Bride of the Water God) with Nam Joo-hyuk.

Jo Jung Suk stars alongside Shin Se Kyung in 'Captivating The King'

He’s a K-drama favourite: Catch Jo Jung Suk in this new period melodrama. (Photo from: @jament_official)

Meanwhile, K-actor Jo Jung-suk has an impressive K-drama roster to boot. Known for his comedic sense, he charmed viewers as a doctor in Hospital Playlist and had amazing chemistry with Park Bo Young in Oh My Ghost. His cameo in The Legend of the Blue Sea was one for the books too — he briefly played the role of a romantic interest who gets in between Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho’s relationship in the popular series.

We don’t wish to reveal any spoilers here, so you’ll have to catch the series yourself to form your impression of this pairing’s romantic chemistry in the drama!

Where to watch Captivating The King: episodes and release date

The official poster of ‘Captivating The King’. Will you be adding this to your watchlist?

The series has just released its first two episodes on 21 January 2024, which are now available for streaming on Netflix. The series will have a total of 16 episodes and is slated to conclude in March 2024. New episodes will be available every Saturday and Sunday.

(Photos from: @sjkuksee and @jament_official)

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