Already Miss “Hospital Playlist”? Here’s What The Cast Is Up To Now

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We’re sure that you, like many fellow K-drama lovers, were hooked on the recently concluded Hospital Playlist series and fell in love with its talented cast. The tvN medical drama tells the tale of the everyday lives of five medical professionals and their patients amidst life challenges, sicknesses, and tumultuous relationships. It’s not common for K-dramas to receive multiple seasons with the same cast, but Hospital Playlist is one of the lucky few — and there’s a reason for it.

The amazing cast and intriguing plotlines captured the attention of viewers across the world. There’s even clamour for a third season, though the show’s production team has already stated that there are currently “no plans” for one. Still, we’re keeping our fingers crossed. While we wait to see if the team will have a change of heart, we’re catching the Hospital Playlist cast in these shows and movies in the meantime.

Jo Jung Suk

Jo Jung Suk, who played general surgeon and single dad Lee Ik Jun, has wrapped up Hospital Playlist 2 and is already diving into a new project. He’s currently preparing for his upcoming film Nation Of Happiness (working title) where he will take the lead role. At the moment, all we know is that he’s playing a lawyer who will be defending his client in a big, news-worthy case. There’s already a lot of buzz surrounding the project as it’s directed by acclaimed filmmaker Choo Chang Min (Masquerade and Seven Years of Night).

Jeon Mi Do

As the show’s leading lady, Jeon Mi Do played neurosurgeon Chae Song Hwa. Outside of Hospital Playlist, this cast member is a multi-awarded theatre actress. Her next role will overlap with her IRL job, as she will be playing acting teacher-slash-aspiring actress Jung Chan Young in 39. The show will be about three 39-year-old women grappling with their approaching 40th birthdays. Mi Do will be starring alongside Crash Landing On You’s Son Ye Ji and Backstreet Rookie’s Kim Ji Hyun. There’s no word of its release date, but stay tuned for updates!

Jung Kyung Ho

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Ho, who played outwardly cold cardiothoracic surgeon but inner softie Kim Jun Wan, will be making his theatre debut very soon. He will be performing in Angels In America as Prior, a frugal yet charming man navigating the world of 1980s New York. It will cover the AIDS crisis during the Reagan administration, as well as universal experiences on love, death, and sex. Colour us intrigued.

Yoo Yeon Seok

Yoo Yeon Seok brought life to the passionate paediatrician Ahn Jung Won in both seasons of Hospital Playlist. Like his co-star Jo Jung Suk, he will be ditching the medical scrubs for suits in the new Netflix show Suriname. He will be playing David Park, a smart lawyer with dubious ties to a crime syndicate. Quite the deviation from Jung Won, isn’t it? He will be starring alongside Ha Jung Woo (The Closet), Hwang Jung Min (Deliver Us From Evil), Park Hae Soo (Squid Game), and Jo Woo Jin (Happiness).

Kim Dae Myung

After saying goodbye to the role of introverted ob-gyne Yang Suk Hyung, actor Kim Dae Myung might be taking a short break from dramas for a while. However, it’s not the last we’ll see of him — and the rest of the Hospital Playlist cast. Kim Dae Myung, together with his co-stars, filmed a variety show titled Mountain Village Playlist where they stayed in a countryside home and cooked their own meals. It will be a peek into the cast’s intimate bond that was forged during two seasons of working together. It’s also their official farewell to their characters. Eager to see what’s in store? Watch the trailer below.

Will you support the cast in their new projects? Which one will you be tuning in to?

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