Meet The Contenders Fighting To The Top For ‘Physical 100’ Season 2

Time to sweat it out

Ready for another exhilarating and heart-pounding Netflix binge? The streaming platform just announced that its highly popular Korean reality show Physical 100 is back for a second season. If you’re a fan of the show, or want a fitspiration — honestly, the contestants’ physiques are #goals — for your workout routine, read below to know more about the new season and when it will be released!

Physical 100 Season 2: Underground

Physical 100 Season 2: Underground

The official poster for the second season. (Photo from: @netflixkcontent)

Hold on to your water bottles because Physical 100 is back on Netflix with a new season this March! Called Physical 100 Season 2: Underground, the arena is set in what resembles a giant underground mine.

Season 2 will still feature 100 individuals from all kinds of backgrounds, but the challenges will be tougher, stakes are higher and the arena even more extensive.

Physical 100 Season 1 cast

Some of the cast from Season 1. (Photo from: @euddeume_)

Who’s joining the cast for Season 2?

Netflix recently revealed the contestants for Season 2. The 100 contenders are grouped into five categories: The Warriors, National Athletes, It Body, Superstar Athletes and Athletic Celebrities. Included in the list are UFC fighter Kim Dong Hyun, judo gold medalist Lee Won Hee, model Lee Ho Yeon and wrestling gold medalist Anthony Jung.

Lee Ho Yeon

Model Lee Ho Yeon is one of the 100 contenders. (Photo from: @lihogood)

Other members of the cast are Lee Jang Jun of K-pop group Golden Child, actor Park Kwang Jae (Moving), announcer Kim Ki Hyuk and Korean Coast Guard Officer Kang Cheong Myeong.

There will also be firefighters, FBI agents, Army officers and dancers. You will also be seeing some comebacks from Season 1! These contestants will test their minds' and bodies’ limits to avoid elimination and protect their plaster torsos.

Physical 100 plaster torso

Testing the body’s limits to protect this plaster torso. (Photo from: @jdsbx)

Where to watch in Singapore

Fans can watch the new season starting 19 March. It will be exclusively streamed over on Netflix.

Who are you watching the new season with?

(Cover photos from: @jdsbx, @lihogood)

This article was first published on 21 February 2024. Last updated: 27 February 2024.
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