Relive Your Childhood With The Return Of Furby And These Other Toys

For kids and kidults

Move over, kids. Furby and other childhood toys are making a comeback, and you can expect more adults to line up for these new drops for themselves.

Furby Toy in Singapore

The quirky and fuzzy Furby. (Photo from: Hasbro)

Furby: features, price, where to buy in Singapore

Hasbro has just announced that it will be bringing back its big-eyed furry little plushies. It comes in shades of purple and coral and can be dressed up in colourful accessories. It’s an interactive toy which features five voice-activated modes and also responds to hugs, pats on the head, shaking, and more.

It will be available on 15 July for SGD94.63 on Amazon, but it’s currently out of stock. Stay tuned for more details about its availability in Singapore.

The rise of toys for kidults

More toy companies like LEGO, Mattel, and more are releasing products specifically made for kidults or kids at heart. This trend stems from a rising group of adult consumers who are freely embracing their “inner child”. Aside from more adults realising that they could now buy what they might not have had in the past, adults who stayed at home during the pandemic are also rediscovering the joys of playing and collecting toys.

So speaking of embracing or reconnecting with the “inner child”, check out these personal stories from some TBL members.

Childhood toys we grew up with that are making a comeback

Alyana, Senior Features Writer

“LEGOs were one of my favourite childhood toys (I even thought I'd be an architect or engineer because of it!), so I'm more than ecstatic that they're coming out with adult-focused LEGO sets lately. I've been a fan of BTS for quite some time so needless to say, I've been eying the BTS Dynamite LEGO set for very obvious and indulgent reasons.”

Learn more about the BTS LEGO set here. You can also check out the upcoming LEGO BTS Dynamite Experience pop-up at Orchard Road in front of Ngee Ann City from 7 to 16 July.

Amanda, Senior Features Writer

Super Mario never went out of style in my opinion but it's quite nostalgic seeing it transform from 2D through my GameBoy Advance screen to something more suitable for modern consoles like Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. When the Nintendo Direct news came out that there will be more versions of Super Mario again, including an old-school 2D release, I was completely pumped.”

Learn more about the new Super Mario game here.

Sheryl, Senior Features Writer

“I grew up watching The Powerpuff Girls on TV so they have a special place in my heart! But these days, I have a soft spot for Care Bears and didn’t realise until recently that each of the bears expresses a human emotion. My favourite is Grumpy Bear for obvious reasons.”

Shop for the Care Bears Grumpy Bear here.

Janne, Features Writer

“I loved the Barbie dolls I had as a kid and watching the OG movies like Princess and the Pauper and The Nutcracker. I regret throwing away my dolls when I felt (or probably someone said) that I was ‘too old for them’. Now, with the upcoming live-action Barbie movie, I'm loving all the eye-candy releases like the Barbie The Movie dolls and its collabs with various brands like Superga and NYX Cosmetics.”

Shop for the Barbie The Movie dolls here.

Which toy from your childhood are you loving the most lately?

(Cover photos from: Hasbro, LEGO)

Speaking of games for kids of all ages, check out the latest from Nintendo Direct.

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