Here's How You Can Safely Disinfect Your Gadgets

Keep safe and clean

We're all trying our best to minimise the spread of the virus through our own little ways. Aside from keeping a distance from other people, we make sure we have alcohol, sanitisers, and anti-bacterial soaps to rid of any germs that may have gone into contact with our hands. However, most of us don't realise that the dirt and viruses we're trying to get rid off can attach themselves to objects we touch and carry with us at all times — stuff like our gadgets.

Yup, you read that right — according to Forbes, our smartphones, tablets, game controllers, keyboards, and remote controls are the top five gadgets with more germs than a toilet seat.  Not to mention, studies conducted by researchers from the University Medicine Greifswald in Germany have shown that the coronaviruses can live on inanimate surfaces for hours for up to nine days. What can we do about that? Simple: we sanitise these objects we use often. That si, we list down gadget disinfection tips so you can remove harmful microbes from your devices safely. 

Gadget disinfection tips

Gadgets we commonly bring along with us 24/7 are home to viruses that get us sick

Stock up on microfibre cloth

Microfibre cloths

The tiny fibres of these cloths draw out more dirt than plain cotton ones. 

Microfibres are great at gadget disinfection. How do they do it? Instead of killing bacteria and germs, they physically remove them from your devices' surfaces. Since these sort of cloths have their fibres split countless times, they are able to penetrate cracks better and get more dirt. According to the University of Washington's School of Public Health, these small fibres generate a static charge when wiped on a surface, which attracts and contains dirt instead of spreading it around after. 

Clean with disinfecting wipes

BENCH Alcogel Clean Machines

Wipe down your devices with BENCH Alcogel Clean Machines, PHP55/~USD1.07 (Photo from:

You might have heard it isn't wise to use disinfectants on your gadgets because they can get abrasive and damaging to its parts. But recently, mobile companies like Apple and Google have updated their websites with proper instructions on how to sanitise such materials. Disinfecting wipes will help, but make sure you're only wiping the hard surfaces like screens gently. To ensure you won't do electrical damage, avoid getting moisture in areas like the charging port and speakers.

Sanitise with an alcohol solution

Spray bottle

Spritzing with a spray bottle helps limit the moisture getting in contact with your electrical devices

If you can't get your hands on disinfecting wipes, you can DIY a deep cleaning solution right in the comfort of your home. In an interview with New York Times, a technician from Geek Squad, Best Buy's repair and support service, revealed that he uses a 1:1 ratio of 70 per cent isopropyl alcohol and distilled water to clean devices. Use a spray bottle to lightly moisten a microfibre cloth with this solution and use that to sanitise your devices. For hard to reach parts, Q-tips can work, but it's best to use lint-free foams to minimise residue. 

Invest in a UV sanitiser

PhoneSoap 3

Use UV-light that's clinically proven to zap bacteria and disinfect your devices with gadgets like the PhoneSoap 3, USD79.95 (Photo from:

Really anxious about missing any germs on your phone? Perhaps you can consider splurging on a UV-light smartphone sanitiser like PhoneSoap 3. It promises to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria and charge your device in the process within 10 minutes. Though it was specifically made for phones, you can still also use the device to cleanse other small objects such as your watch, earphones, and many more. It's pretty pricey, but it's a small price to pay for those who want peace of mind.

Practise proper hygiene

Even without the COVID-19 pandemic happening right now, we can't emphasise enough the importance of practising proper hygiene. Wash your hands frequently with antibacterial soap for 20 seconds. Remember to do it not only before eating and after going to the loo, but also before you handle your devices. All the gadget disinfection tips will help clean and sanitise, but ensuring your hands are clean in the first place will minimise the risk of germs getting on your devices. We know you've heard it countless times now, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded again, right? 

Next, keep calm during these trying times with these tips.

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