3 Singaporeans Share Their Tattoo Stories: First Ink, Regrets & More

Opening up about ink on skin

Welcome to Open Up: Ink On Skin, our first-part series spanning four episodes where we shed light on the tattoo culture in Singapore. We spoke with Singaporeans — from tattooed individuals to tattoo artists — on everything you can ask about their body art, from their stories of getting their first ink to their thoughts on the stigma surrounding tattoos.

In the first episode, three tattooed Singaporeans share their tattoo stories — from the meaning behind their first ink, their tattoo regrets, and things you should never say to a tattooed individual.

Avery's tattoos

Avery showing off his collection of tattoos.

Our interviewees Avery, Veron, and Vicky also share their memorable tattoo experiences, where they look for inspiration for their next ink, and how their tattoos impact their work-life.

Veron and Vicky tattoos

Left - Veron with her floral thigh tattoo. Right - Vicky's collection of arm tattoos.

Watch the video above to hear more of Avery, Veron, and Vicky’s thoughts on having tattoos in Singapore.

TheBeauLife Original's 'Open Up' video series is a safe, non-judgement space that explores if there is room for stereotypes in our contemporary society.

Interested in getting your first tattoo? Here’s how to take care of it properly.

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