Singaporeans Get Candid About Tattoo Culture

Opening up about ink on skin

Tattoos have become less stigmatised in Singapore, but it's undeniable that they’re still a little taboo in certain spaces, especially in the workspace. So what do Singaporeans really think of inked folks? Discover real opinions from family members, friends, and bosses in this episode of Open Up: Ink On Skin, a series where we shed light on the tattoo culture in Singapore.

For the final episode, we sat down with our interviewees from the first episode and their special guests — Avery and his sister, Veron and her friend, and Vicky and her boss — who share their honest opinions of having tattoos in Singapore as folks who don't have tattoos. They spill on their personal favourite tattoo designs, if they themselves will get a tattoo in the future, and more.

Watch the video above to hear their unfiltered thoughts.

TheBeauLife Original's 'Open Up' video series is a safe, non-judgement space that explores if there is room for stereotypes in our contemporary society.

Discover tattoo culture through the eyes of the experts here.

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