Your Sign To Grab Hot Pot, Cute Merch, And More At Haidilao

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There’s something for everyone at Haidilao Singapore because the beloved restaurant has new menu items and merch from Miffy and BLACKPINK!

Haidilao Singapore x Miffy collection

For your inner child. (Photo from: @haidilaosingapore)

Haidilao Singapore x Miffy collection

Heal your inner child with this adorable Miffy-themed collection. With the accumulated points on your Haidilao account, you can redeem pieces such as the canvas tote bag (360 points), magic mug (200 points), and hair charms (100 points). If you’re curious about the magic mug, it changes from having a plain checkered design to a colourful one after you fill it up with hot water.

Haidilao Singapore x BLACKPINK: THE GAME collection

For the BLINKs who love collecting merch, Haidilao has teased a collab with BLACKPINK: THE GAME. There will be photocards, tin cases, cardholders, and key rings featuring the stars’ characters in the game. The pieces will reportedly be available this month, but no exact dates have been announced yet, so stay tuned for more details about the collaboration’s release.

Haidilao Singapore's new menu items

Aside from merch, you can look forward to the restaurant’s delectable new offerings. Indulge in the rich and flavourful Haidilao Golden Collagen Chicken Soup, a versatile soup base that pairs well with everything. Then take a bite of the tender American Wagyu Beef Oyster Blade, handmade Chicken Meatballs, and more. To pair with your meal, Haidilao offers its creamy Matcha Coconut Beverage.

Ready for a hearty feast? Check out your nearest Haidilao branch here.

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