Hype Hound: Is The Foreo UFO The Future Of Masking?

Is it the new beauty standard?

These days the majority of newly launched beauty products position themselves as revolutionary, but only a few actually are. Whether it's a new formulation or never-before-seen skincare technology, we're bombarded by promises of a new, better way to achieve healthy skin. But is it really much better than what we already have?

With that said, one of the latest launches that caught my eye is from Swedish brand Foreo, the same brand that pioneered pulsating cleansing gadgets. Earlier this year, they introduced the UFO (Ur Future Obsession), which is supposed to upgrade the way we do sheet masking. I'm immediately drawn by its fancy built and features. But to be honest, I don't really have a problem with the traditional mask. Yes, things can be a little messy but it's something that I can deal with. Nevertheless, I'm always up for anything that will improve my life so I decided to try Foreo UFO to see what it has to offer.

What it promises to do

UFO offers a fast, convenient and efficient way to do sheet masking. As opposed to the usual sheet masks where you'll need to sit and wait for 15 minutes, UFO does the job in just 90 seconds. It also upgrades the experience with a heating and cooling treatment for better essence absorption, targeted LED lights to address several skin issues and T-sonic Pulsations that acts as a facial massage. It's basically everything you want in a mask and more. As of now, only two basic masks are readily available in the market which are the "Make My Day" (Hydrating & Anti-Pollution) and "Call It A Night" (Revitalizing & Nourishing). For some reason, the other variants are always out of stock. 

Built and usage

As you can see, the grip is just right

Despite its alien-sounding name, the UFO is very convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is put the circular UFO Smart Mask, secure it in the gadget and press the start button. To activate the "Make My Day" treatment, press the start button only once, but press twice if you want the "Call It Night." You don't have to worry about the UFO slipping out of your hands while using it because the silicone material is great and the size of the gadget fits perfectly into the hand so the grip is neither forceful nor weak. 


Securing the mask is easy peasy

After putting everything in place, you'll just need to glide the UFO all over your face. Within seconds, I experienced a pleasant, warm sensation but whenever I linger on a spot it always stings. So the key to using this is to glide it all over your face in constant motion to distribute the heat. Towards the end of the 90-second treatment, it cools down and the pulsations also weaken. Overall, it was a nice experience. But due to its flat surface, it doesn't glide well into the crevices of my face like at the sides of my nose. I think it would be better if it were spherical-shaped like a beautyblender, to accommodate all facial areas.

Fragrance, texture and results

Both the "Make My Day" and "Call It A Night" masks don't have an overpowering fragrance, which is always good. As for the texture, it's just like the traditional sheet mask in that it is a bit slippery but comfortable to use. After every session, it's evident that the mask's essence is absorbed into the skin. Unlike when using a traditional sheet mask where my face feels very wet and slimy, this one makes my skin feel plump and hydrated but never wet. It's like I just put on a hydrating makeup base. After a few uses, I can see a difference in skin tone and texture. It looks more even and my skin feels more bouncy. 

Is it worth it?

As we always say in the beauty community, skincare is an investment and it's very personal. It's no secret that Foreo's UFO doesn't come cheap at SGD408/USD279 (plus the UFO Smart Mask at SGD16/USD9.99), so the decision on whether it's worth it or not largely depends on your skin's needs and personal financial standing. If you're someone who has tried loads of products in the quest for plump, hydrated skin but never got satisfying results then the UFO may be the answer to your problems provided that you're willing to spare some cash for it.

UFO works with different LED lights: Red for collagen stimulation, green for brightening a dull complexion, blue kills acne-causing bacteria

There are also other upcoming masks that target different skin concerns, so if the hydrating and revitalising ones work there's a good chance that those will deliver great results, too. Overall, I think busy gals and those who love at-home facials will be fans of this innovative beauty gadget. It's an indulgent treat that doesn't consume too much time. Will this be the new beauty standard for sheet masks? It's very innovative but there are still a few improvements that can be made such as the shape and heat distribution. So I'd say that it will be the future of masking once it becomes upgraded and budget-friendly. 

Note: The UFO Foreo is supported by the new FOREO For You app but it requires IOS11 for the iPhone to install and I'm currently having trouble upgrading my phone's software so I couldn't download it and include the app in this review.

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