Review: Is HERA's Youth Activating Cell Serum A Must-Have For Urbanites?

Protecting your skin against pollution

Having been telecommuting since March due to COVID-19, I had the preconceived notion that my skin would look healthier than before, as I would be staying at home much more often and not be subjected to the harmful effects of city pollution. To my dismay, I soon realised that indoor pollution, along with other factors such as UV rays, can still cause serious damage to my skin. Couple that with my frequent usage of digital devices, I found myself — and my skin — requiring a little help to combat these external stressors.

Fortunately, I quickly learnt of Korean beauty brand HERA's Youth Activating Cell Serum and its functions, and decided to put it to the test. Read on as I reveal my honest thoughts on this anti-ageing skincare product below.

First impressions, claims and packaging

hera youth serum glass packaging lilac colour

I'm a fan of the serum's sleek, modern design.  

Sleek. Elegant. Modern. These were some of the words that popped into my mind when I first saw the serum. It’s also designed in a lovely lilac shade, making it a perfect addition to any stylish urbanite’s beauty collection. It’s also worth noting that the serum is designed to be detachable from its glass encasing, which means that you can re-use the pretty bottle, and purchase a refill from the store after you’ve emptied your current one. A commendable, environmentally conscious effort that helps us reduce a little waste.

On the claims front, this serum is designed to boost your skin’s radiance with pyruvate, an anti-ageing ingredient with anti-oxidant properties. In addition to repairing your skin from pollution damage, it also encourages cell production to keep your skin looking plump and youthful-looking. Lots of powerful properties packed into one serum.

Usage and application

swatching and applying hera youth serum on hands

The serum feels lightweight and absorbs relatively quickly into my skin. 

As someone with sensitive skin, I always start with a patch test before incorporating the product into my skincare routine. All was well, so I went ahead and applied it onto the entire face and neck area. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the product had absorbed rather quickly into my skin. I also loved how it didn’t leave behind any sticky residue, which is one of my main concerns when using products with a thicker consistency.

Although I did not see any obvious results immediately, I noticed that my skin had become a little softer and less patchy-looking after using it diligently for two weeks. It was easy for me to stick to the routine of using this product on a daily basis, as I always looked forward to taking in its sweet, calming scent whenever I apply it all over my face.

Final thoughts

hera youth serum flatlay with box packaging

HERA's Youth Activating Cell Serum is worth the splurge.

As a beauty newbie, I’m glad to share that HERA's Youth Activating Cell Serum has successfully shown me the benefits of incorporating a serum into my skincare routine. And to my fellow urbanite sisters, I’d say that this product is definitely worth a shot. It never hurts to take a little more time out of your busy schedule to protect and care for your precious skin. 

The HERA Youth Activating Cell Serum is priced at SGD120/~USD87.60 for 40ml, while the refill costs SGD100/~USD73. Both items are available for purchase at Hera counters and boutiques, and on  

* The product was sent as a press gift. The views and opinion of the reviewer are independent and purely editorial.

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