Intimidated To Try False Lashes? This Guide Will Quickly Make You A Pro

Doll-like looks in minutes!

Looking to level up your eye looks but mascaras just won’t do the trick? False lashes are here to the rescue.

False lashes or falsies are not exactly new to beauty lovers. However, they’re still one of the most challenging makeup add-ons to play with since they can be tricky to apply. Not applying them correctly can mean not-so-great results, from droopy-looking lids to the lash band digging uncomfortably into the inner corner of your eye. Lash extensions are a great alternative but that also requires another level of commitment.

Want to learn how to apply false eyelashes like an expert? Below is our step-by-step guide.

1. Measure the lashes against your eyes and trim

False eyelashes straight from the packaging are typically created to have an allowance for trimming. That’s why you should never apply them as they are. Measure your false lashes over your eyelid and make sure you cut the band at least a quarter away from your eye’s inner corner. This is to prevent the band from pinching your skin when you apply it and to also make the lash look more natural.

Once you’re done measuring, trim the false lash on the side of the band that’s directed towards your eye’s inner corner. False lashes are usually designed to fan out at the ends that point towards your temples so cutting on the opposite side where the shorter strands are don’t ruin the intended shape of the lashes.

Boxes of false lashes

Don't apply your lashes straight from the box and make sure to trim!

2. Fingers, tweezers, or flat-tip lash applicator: choose your preferred method of application

There are a couple of tools you can use to apply your false lashes and, yes, your fingers are an option.

Go fuss-free by using your fingers

If you do opt to use your fingers, heed our tips. We recommend this trick only to seasoned false lash users because it requires a lot more precision and control. The key is to hold the middle part of the lashes, pinching carefully on the strands (not the band). From there, press it onto the skin and just move the band around to shape it over the eye.

Get more precision with tweezers

Tweezers are a solid choice whether you’re a beginner or an experienced false lashes user because they allow you to have better control over the application. Similar to using your fingers, the key is to use the tweezers to hold the lashes around the middle where the hairs are and use them to precisely press the band on the skin. Just make sure you don’t press too hard or pinch on the hairs of the false lashes too hard when using the tweezers to make sure you don’t poke yourself or ruin the strands in the process. Try this method with Sephora Collection's Angled Tweezer (SGD15).

Play it safe but effective with flat-tip lash applicator

Afraid you’re too heavy-handed to use tweezers? That’s where the flat-tip lash applicator, comes in. It’s basically the same thing as a tweezer, but its tip is shaped similar to a false lash band. This allows you to press the lash onto the skin with the best control since the applicator follows the natural curve of your eyelid. The edge is also a lot more blunt compared to tweezers so there’s less worry when it comes to accidental skin poking or pinching. Try the Tarte Little Lash Helper Tarteist™ PRO Lash Applicator (SGD16) for this method.

Tweezer and lash applicator

Sephora Collection Angled Tweezers, SGD15; Tarte Little Lash Helper Tarteist™ PRO Lash Applicator, SGD16. (

3. Apply lash glue to the back of your hand to better control the amount of adhesive on the lash band

No one wants their false lashes to lift off in the middle of the day. But that doesn’t mean putting a huge dollop of glue would do the trick either. The secret? Put some lash glue at the back of your hand and swipe the band carefully on top of it so you have better control over the amount that sticks to the strip.

After that, bend the lash so that the two ends meet just enough for the glue to also reach the tips without necessarily soaking it with too much product.

4. Wait for 15 to 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky

One common mistake when putting on false eyelashes is pressing them directly to the eyelids as soon as the glue is applied to the band. Wet glue will only make the lashes move too much on top of the skin, making them harder to put in place. The solution is to wait for at least 15 to 30 seconds to allow the glue to get just tacky enough to stick to the skin but still be manageable to be able to get it to its desired position.

5. Tilt the false lash slightly upward and apply it while looking down on a mirror

Using your tool of choice, pick up the false lash and tilt it at a slightly upward angle. Next, place the mirror lower than your face and direct your eyes towards it while still keeping your head straight. Apply the lashes to your eyelids in this position and adjust them to the shape desired until the glue dries down.

Applying the lashes using this method ensures that your lashes will look naturally fanned out once you’re looking straight ahead. Putting the lashes on with your eyes at a straight angle makes it harder to place the band as close to the lid line as much as possible. It can also cause the lashes to droop instead of lift the eyes.

False lashes on top of makeup table

With the right angle, you'll get the full effect of your false lashes.

6. Camouflage the band with eyeliner

Cover any gaps between your lashline and the false lashes band using eyeliner. Make sure you also cover the inner corner of your eyes where the band stops to make the lashes look even more seamless.

7. Gently curl your natural lashes along with the false lashes to naturally blend them together

Once you feel that the false lashes are securely in place and the glue is completely immovable, gently curl your natural lashes along with the falsies to blend the strands together. Curl around the tips instead of the base of the lash to avoid any tugging.

Woman curling her lashes

Blend your natural lashes and your false lashes together using eyeliner and mascara.

8. Apply mascara to where your natural lashes meet your false lashes

Make the curl stay all day by applying a thin layer of mascara at the base of your lashes. Again, the purpose of this step is to blend your natural and false lashes together, creating a more put together appearance. Once you can no longer see where your real and false lashes start and end, you’re all set!

Putting on false lashes require some practice just like any other skill in makeup. But once you get a hang of it, we’re sure it’ll have a place in your beauty routine.

Can’t be bothered with lash glue? Try these magnetic lashes instead.

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