Why Did 'Single's Inferno's' Song Ji-a Apologise On Instagram?

The influencer speaks out

Still not over Single’s Inferno, the hit Korean dating show on Netflix? It seems like more folks are tuning in after the show aired its last episode, drawing more attention to its cast of participants. There’s a good side and bad side that comes with more eyes on you, of course. Case in point: One of the more popular contestants, beauty content creator Song Ji-a, has recently been under fire for allegedly wearing fake luxury clothes on the show. Here’s what we know about the issue so far.

On 17 January, Song Ji-a posted a photo of a handwritten note on her personal Instagram account publicly apologising to brands and designers for wearing counterfeit goods on social media and the Netflix show. This was in response to several YouTube videos and other social media posts saying that some of Ji-a’s clothes and accessories, though having logos of brands like Chanel and Dior, were in fact very hard to find, never been released, or slightly differ from the original design. This raised suspicions of these potentially being fake designer goods.

"Some of the comments currently being made about the fake designer products I wore on social media and on Single's Inferno are true. I'm really sorry. I apologise once again for any situation caused by the infringement of the designers' creations and ignorance of copyright," Ji-a wrote in her letter.

"As a person with a dream of launching a brand, I will seriously recognise the controversy and reflect deeply. All content with exposed fakes has been deleted,” she continued. "I also apologise to the brands who were harmed because of me."

She ended by apologising once again to those who were offended and promising to be more responsible in the future: "I sincerely apologise to everyone, including the fans, subscribers, and brand representatives who have been hurt because of me. I will live more responsibly in the future. Thank you for reading this long note."

(Cover photo from: @dear.zia)

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