‘Single’s Inferno’ Creates Global Buzz; Hits #1 On Netflix SG

Trouble and temptations in paradise?

The common ice breaker question “Who’d you rather be stranded on an island with?” takes on a whole new meaning with the unveiling of Single’s Inferno, the viral Netflix reality series that has created global buzz for its cast (Song Ji-A stans and Cha Hyun-Seong fans, we see you!). It has also clinched the overall top spot on Netflix in Singapore as of writing.

What is this series about?

Currently on its sixth episode, the eight-episode dating reality series spotlights 12 men and women from South Korea who search for love on a deserted island. Their only ‘ticket’ to paradise, which is a luxury hotel, is given to them if they are able to find another contestant to couple up with by the end of each day. Troubles, temptations and tensions arise as the contestants attempt to find their ultimate match.

One of its contestants, Song Ji-A, was dubbed ‘BLACKPINK Jennie’s twin’

Since the series’ premiere on 18 December, viewers have been drawing comparisons between one of its contestants, Song Ji-A, and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. 26-year-old Ji-A possesses doll-like features that are similar to Jennie’s and was also compared to another K-pop starlet, Jang Won-young of six-member girl group IVE.

Beyond her eye-catching appearance, Ji-A also amassed an even bigger fan base after viewers caught wind that she is also a burgeoning social media influencer. On Instagram, Ji-A offers her 1.6 million followers a peek into her glamorous lifestyle — from dressing in a top-to-toe ensemble from Alexander McQueen to sharing close-ups of her trendy manicure. She has also over 1.5million subscribers on YouTube. (Check out her latest review of Single’s Inferno here.)

Another contestant, Cha Hyun-Seong, turned out to be Sunmi’s backup dancer

30-year-old model and dancer Cha Hyun-Seong also became a hot news topic overnight after netizens identified him as K-pop singer Sunmi’s backup dancer. He has also performed for other popular idols, including Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation and SM Entertainment’s new supergroup Girls on Top (GOT). Ready to hop onto the hype? Stream it now on Netflix here.

(Cover photos from: netflix.com and @dear.zia)

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