The 5 ‘Single’s Inferno’ Cast Members Who Should Return For Season 3

We're missing these contestants

Single’s Inferno Season 3 is in the works! The makers of the hottest Korean dating show have just released an announcement that the show is now open for applications. Netflix has also revealed that it will be adding new rules and filming locations to spice things up.

While we’re holding out for a brand-new batch of singles to come on the show, we’ve rounded up the top five on our list who we believe deserve another shot at love (or more screen time).

Single's Inferno Season 2

Hand hearts up if you’re missing the gang. (Photo from: @4x4ischoi)

5 Single’s Inferno cast members who should return to the island for season 3

1. Cha Hyun Seung

Cha Hyun Seung (Instagram: @502bright) became known in the K-pop world as Sunmi’s mysterious backup dancer. But he entered mainstream media after coming on the first season of Single’s Inferno in 2021. Then we got to see more of his athletic side after he came on Physical 100. After the dating show's season 1 ended, he said that he has regrets about not choosing contestant An Yea-won in the finale. We hope he gets his second chance.

2. Song Ji A

Content creator Song Ji A (Instagram: @dear.zia) came under fire in Korea after wearing fake designer clothes in Single’s Inferno season 1. But you have to admit, she knew how to charm hearts and let her confidence and free-spirited nature shine through. She would definitely liven things up.

3. Kim Han Bin

Chef Kim Han Bin (Instagram: @domestic_seal) was a walking K-drama second lead character in Single’s Inferno season 2. We’d love to see him finally get the girl this time around. Viewers have compared his looks to popular K-actor Nam Joo Hyuk, which would surely tug at fangirls’ hearts.

4. Park Se Jeong

In season 2, model Park Se Jeong (Instagram: @jennonpark) never set foot in paradise. It was a shock for viewers as she gave off confident vibes at the start of the show and had attractive features. She deserves more time on the show and more opportunities to showcase her personality.

5. Lim Min Su

Model Lim Min Su (Instagram: @limminsu000) arrived only during the last few episodes of season 2, so we didn’t get to know her much on the show. We’d love to see her spend more time with the rest of the cast and build more relationships with them whether romantically or not.

Are your picks also on the list? While waiting for the third season’s official cast, you can stream Seasons 1 and 2 right here. If you’re a Korean and would want to join the show, you can apply here.

(Cover photos from: @4x4ischoi, @jennonpark)

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