SHINee’s Minho Is Now An ‘AI Guide’ In Seoul

You can even converse with him in four different languages!

Ever wished you could strike a casual conversation with your favourite K-pop idol? Well, you can now chat with Minho from the popular K-pop group SHINee! Or at least with an AI version of him. The 30-year-old actor and singer is now an ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) guide’ in Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

SHINee’s Minho was recreated as an “AI guide” as part of “Gwanghwa-In”, a Gwanghwamun Era project in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. The project, which is promoted by the Korea Creative Content Agency, is designed to provide information on major tourist attractions and cultural heritage sites in Seoul.

The AI guide is provided in four languages: Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. It is capable of striking real-time conversations with travellers and advising them on the day’s weather. It can also provide further information on restaurants and cafés located within the city.

The AI version of Minho was created by DeepBrain AI, a company that is headquartered in Seoul. The company leverages the power of AI to create “lifelike human-based AI avatars that inform, solve and guide users through thousands of possible scenarios and real time interactions.” What are your thoughts on this feature?

(Cover photos from: @choiminho_1209)

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