The World’s First Smart Perfume Device Can Create 100 Scents In One Bottle

Fragrance lovers, meet ‘NINU’

Perfume enthusiasts, your fragrance wardrobe is about to get a tech upgrade with the arrival of the world’s first smart perfume by NINU. This 100-in-1 fragrance device made its official debut recently at Consumer Electrics Show (CES) 2022 and is already open for pre-orders. Read on for details.

The NINU Smart Perfume is a handheld fragrance personalisation device that allows users to create their own fragrances on demand. With the help of the brand’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered NINU app, you can mix and match scents at the touch of a button using your smartphone.

The device holds three fragrance bases: Flora (feminine), Aura (unisex), and Terra (masculine). However, with just these three scents, users are able to create more than 100 different scent combinations thanks to the device’s precise blending system.

For those who need some guidance on creating their own scent, the NINU app also comes with an AI-enhanced auto mode to suggest mixtures depending on several factors, such as the user’s personal preferences, the occasion, and the weather. Talk about a scent that accurately reflects your mood!

Intrigued? You can support this Slovenia-based Kickstarter project by placing your pre-order here. The device is available in three colours: Deep Black, Rose Gold and Angel White, and is priced at EUR259/~SGD398 each. The brand aims to ship its devices in June 2022, but will begin to share its samples and discovery sets as soon as March 2022.

(Cover photos from: @ninu_perfume)

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