This New YSL Beauty Fragrance Exudes Modern Masculine Energy

Time to feel MYSLF

YSL Beauty is back with a new fragrance that might just be your next fave. If you're looking for a sign to check out the new MYSLF Eau de Parfum from the luxury brand, this is it.

YSL MYSLF Eau de Parfum

YSL MYSLF Eau de Parfum. (Photo from:

YSL MYSLF: What you need to know

Luxury beauty brand YSL Beauty just dropped their new EDP, MYSLF. According to them, it's a masculine fragrance inspired by the idea of modern masculinity. The new fragrance is not the typical blend of scents we are used to when it comes to men's perfumes. Rather, it makes use of ingredients that are vibrant, textured and surprisingly, floral. For YSL Beauty, "modern masculinity isn’t all about power: it can be about flowers," hence the choice of notes for MYSLF.

At the top of the fragrance is a citrusy and aromatic scent using bergamot heart from Calabria. The vert de bergamot, a rare material, is utilised for its "green scent" at the beginning of the harvest for a fresher, livelier scent.

YSL MYSLF featuring Austin Butler

YSL MYSLF has a unique blend of notes for a masculine perfume. (Photo from:

Now, this is where it gets unique. MYSLF makes use of orange blossom — an ingredient that is unusual when it comes to perfumes designed for men. However, through the new fragrance, the flower is proved to be a gender-fluid and versatile ingredient that is both masculine and feminine. It likewise gives off the impression of being clean yet sensual.

Lastly, the bottom is where you might find the more "masculine" notes. Indonesian patchouli heart is added for a less earthy tone and a more vibrant essence than classic patchouli. It also includes AmbrofixTM, a 100% natural biotech material derived from sugar cane, which brings out the sensual, woody note to the perfume.

How it compares to classic YSL fragrances

YSL Black Opium and Y

Classic cult-favourite fragrances from YSL Beauty. (Photos from:

In its decades of being a go-to luxury brand, YSL has already gained a following for its various products including the perfumes. Two of those being Y and Black Opium — both cult-favourites and best sellers from their fragrance line. So how do these two classics compare to MYSLF?

While created mainly for women, Black Opium has a hint of coffee (a rare ingredient when it comes to women's perfumes). The "assertive" scent of coffee complements the floral notes of jasmine sambac and absolu fleur d’oranger, making for a more gender-neutral fragrance just like MYSLF. 

Meanwhile, Y — catered towards men — boasts of sage just like the new YSL fragrance. Y is stronger as it has mint, litchi, lemongrass and geranium, a stronger version of roses. It does, however, have a hint of lavender for a clean vibe to balance the stronger scents.

Where to get it in Singapore

The new MYSLF Eau de Parfum is now available on the YSL Beauty Singapore website and at Sephora starting 15 February. The fragrance is priced at SGD154 per 60ML and SGD207 per 100ML.

Which scent note surprised you?

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