Love Your Perfumes? Try One Of These 8 Workshops To Make Your Own!

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Can’t leave your home without spraying on your perfume of the day and bringing a mini version for reapplication throughout the day? If you love your scents, then you definitely need to try a perfume making workshop so you can further explore the process behind making perfumes and make your own unique one. Just starting to explore the world of fragrances? These workshops can also help you figure out what scents you prefer so you don’t have to go through a lot of trial-and-error.

a person pouring perfume in a bottle during a perfume making workshop

Be a scent mixologist for a day by attending one of these workshops!

It’s a great activity to do on your own, with friends, or as a team-building session for your company. Interested in trying one? Here are some workshops you can attend in Singapore. 

1. Maison 21G

A couple taking the Maison 21G Love Atelier workshop

The Maison 21G Love Atelier. (

Singapore-based perfume company Maison 21G offers a host of perfume making workshops that cater to groups of all sizes and expertise levels. Want to go solo? Book a slot for their Perfume Creation Atelier. Looking for a new activity to do with your partner? Take the Love Atelier to make a scent that captures the essence of your love for one another. Are you planning a unique bachelorette? Maison 21G has the Bridal Atelier so you and your gals can create a unique fragrance to wear during your wedding day.

Prices for workshops range from SGD180 per person to SGD380 for a group. Book it here.

2. Oo La Lab

Oo La Lab Fragrance Design & Mixology Session mixing ingredients

Oo La Lab Fragrance Design & Mixology Session. (

This perfume making fragrance lab stores its perfume ingredients in small batches and hand-pours each order so the fragrance stays fresh and potent by the time you use it. It offers both group and private sessions where you can personally select the ingredients and build your own fragrance from scratch under the guidance of one of their Oo La mixologists. 

Prices for a session range from SGD98 for a group session to SGD138 for a private one. Book it here.

3. Scentopia

Scentopia’s Perfume Making Workshop sample-making

Scentopia’s Perfume Making Workshop. (Photo from:

If you’re heading to Sentosa, you definitely don’t want to miss out on taking Scentopia’s perfume making workshop. You’ll start by taking the Perfume Personality Assessment to see if you gravitate towards citrus, fresh, floral, woody, or Oriental scents. Then, you’ll pick the aroma oils made from Singapore orchids that will be infused into your unique perfume. You’ll have the chance to make two different samples so you can have more options. Finally, it ends with a perfumer converting your sample into a full-sized 50ML or 100ML bottle for you to take home.

Prices start at SGD95 for a 50ML workshop. Book it here


THANN Fragrance Mist and Aroma Balm DIY Workshops products

THANN Fragrance Mist and Aroma Balm DIY Workshops. (

Natural body care, skincare and aromatherapy brand THANN also offers scent making sessions using its own essential oils. If you’re looking for a mist-type perfume, take the Fragrance Mist DIY Workshop. In 30 minutes, you’ll be able to create your own multipurpose spray for your body, hair, linens, pillows, clothings and rooms. If you’re looking for a sustainable option, you can also try your hand at making an aroma balm that can be used as a solid perfume and moisturiser. 

Both are priced at SGD39 and can be booked via the brand’s website.

5. CraftLabs

CraftLabs Perfume Making Workshop class

CraftLabs Perfume Making Workshop. (Photo from:

The seasoned workshop hosts at CraftLabs also offer beginner-friendly workshops for making your own scents. It’s an hour-long session where you’ll craft a 20ML Eau de Parfum, create your own scent wardrobe, and learn about your friends’ or classmates’ scents and how it relates to their personalities! Each workshop requires at least five people and can accommodate up to 400 attendees.

Prices are available upon request. Inquire here

6. Sifr Aromatics

Sifr Aromatics Premium Perfume Workshop class

Sifr Aromatics Premium Perfume Workshop. (

Sifr Aromatics gives participants a sneak peek into their perfume making process at their store. It will start with a 20-minute introduction to the basics of perfume making, covering everything from what goes into a perfume to how to infuse base notes, mid-notes and finishing notes. By the end of the 2.5-hour workshop, participants will take home a self-made 50ML Eau De Parfum.

Prices start at SGD250 per person. Book a session here.

7. VCube

VCube Perfume-making Workshop

VCube Perfume-making Workshop. (Photo from:

Create your one-of-a-kind perfume with VCube! Get ready for a fun and pleasurable experience in which you'll discover concoct your own scent and name it too. Discover unique and rare oils that are meant to evoke your senses and awaken nostalgic moments in your life. You'll also gain a deeper understanding of the interesting history of fragrances, how everyday brands use scent marketing to induce certain behaviors in consumers, and how to formulate your own.

Prices start at SGD65 for a 10ML roll-on to SGD138 for a 100ML spray. Book a session here.

8. Perfume Play

Perfume Play Pure Parfum Making Workshop

Perfume Play Pure Parfum Making Workshop. (Photo from:

If you're looking for a fun activity with your special someone, friends, or colleagues, try out the Pure Parfum Making Workshop by Perfume Play. Find the joy of exploring and experimenting with a wide range of high-quality fragrance oils and essential oils at your own interactive perfume workstation (you will be sharing the studio space with other groups, but you will have your private table). Then take home a 10, 30, or 50ML customised fragrance — bottled and labeled with your chosen name or message — as a wonderful souvenir from the experience.

Prices range from SGD60 (10ML) to SGD100 (50ML). Book a session here.

This article was first published on 27 April 2023. Last updated: 24 January 2024.

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