This Filipino-Argentinian Actress Is Set To Make A K-Pop Debut Under Momoland’s Agency

Meet Chantal ‘Chanty’ Videla

Momoland’s agency, MLD Entertainment, recently introduced an upcoming six-piece K-pop girl group: Lapillus! The group has yet to make its official debut but its members are already making waves. One member who’s getting the most attention is Filipino-Argentinian actress Chantal Videla. Chantal is also known by her stage name, ‘Chanty’.

Filipino-Argentinian actress Chantal Videla smiling

Meet Chanty! (Photo from: @itsmaria.chantal)

Get to know Lapillus’ Chantal Videla: age, projects and more

Chanty was born in 2002 and just celebrated her 19th birthday last December 15. Yes, she’s an energetic Sagittarius!

Before diving into the world of K-pop, Chanty had an acting career in the Philippines.

Although Chanty is just about to make her K-pop debut, she already has a lot of fans that she amassed from her acting career in the Philippines.

In 2018, Chanty was scouted by Star Magic —one of the most well-known talent agencies in the country. And from then on, she landed parts in several films and TV shows including a lead role in the 2018 supernatural show Spirits: Reawaken.

Three years after, Chanty joined MLD Entertainment as a K-pop trainee. Her vocal prowess was showcased by the agency through a YouTube video of Chanty singing a rendition of The Little Mermaid track Part Of Your World. Clearly, Chanty is ready to hit the stage!

Chanty singing her own rendition of “Part Of Your World”.

Lapillus is set to debut this coming 20 June. Are you excited?

(Cover photo from: @itsmaria.chantal)

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