This Filipino Designer Won A Prestigious Award For His Daring Collection

An ode to freedom of expression

Add Jessan Macatangay to your list of up-and-coming Asian designers to watch out for. The promising young talent won the L’Oreal Professionnel Womenswear Creative Award, a coveted recognition given only to impressive MA Fashion Class graduates from Central Saint Martins, the prestigious London-based art school that gave the world Stella McCartney, John Galliano, and Alexander McQueen.

Slender female models wearing Jessan Macatangay's collection

The collection features beautiful sculpture-like silhouettes.

Jessan Macatangay’s winning collection

The graduation collection that won him the award is called “Sculptural Sensuality.” It’s an ode to women’s freedom of expression amidst restrictive circumstances.

“Filipinas from all walks of life oftentimes find themselves being subjected to bashing, unnecessary judgment, and being told to cover up when they post photos of themselves wearing clothes that do not conform to conservative standards of generations past,” Jessan said. “This is where my project started — from the fear and discomfort of showing skin. Could there be a way to make women let go of this fear?”

In creating each piece, Jessan masterfully combined various types of jerseys that he stretched using wired frames to mimic a swimsuit’s outline. The result is a carefully curated collection that showcases his level of craftsmanship as well as his attention to detail.

Female models showing off Jessan Macatangay's designs

Pieces are designed with stylish cut-outs that provide an edgy look.

“This collection is about making society realise that a woman is more than her body. Clothes exist to accentuate the feminine figure and showcase it in its most lustrous light. I really want to create pieces for women who adore sensuality without fearing sexuality; and for women who long to relax on the beach with her swimsuit, legs and arms sun-kissed, and exposed for all the world to adore (not judge). She does not want to cover up with a t-shirt while on the beach. She wants to be free,” he said.

Want to see more of his works? Follow him on Instagram and visit his website here.

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