Everything We Know So Far About IU’s New K-Drama ‘You Have Done Well’

The stars have aligned

This article was first published on 16 March 2023.

K-drama lovers and K-fangirls, we’ve got some heart-fluttering news to brighten up your day. IU, Park Bo Gum, and Lee Jun Young will star in a new K-drama titled You Have Done Well and it will be available for streaming on Netflix.

IU and Park Bo Gum's New K-drama

Top-tier actors coming together. (Photos from: @dlwlrma and @bogummy)

You Have Done Well K-drama: cast and plot

You Have Done Well is the literal translation of the new K-drama from Pan Entertainment. It will tell the story of characters Ae Soon (played by IU) and Gwan Shik (played by Park Bo Gum) who were born on Jeju Island in the 1950s.

IU’s character, Ae Soon, is a bold and rebellious girl who dreams of becoming a poet but is unable to attend school. On the other hand, Bo Gum’s character Gwan Shik has a quiet personality and loves Ae Soon. Lee Jun Young’s role is still shrouded in mystery, but his agency Jflex has announced that the actor is confirmed to join the cast and had recently participated in the script reading.

This new drama is highly anticipated because it will be written by Im Sang Choon of Fight For My Way (so maybe that’s why we’re getting a “childhood sweethearts” kind of angle) and When the Camellia Blooms (which is centred on life in the countryside). It will also be directed by Kim Won Seok, who previously worked on the stellar K-dramas My Mister (which also starred IU), Misaeng (Incomplete Life), and Signal.

We can’t wait to see this drama finally come to light because we’ve missed seeing Park Bo Gum and IU on the small screen for a K-drama. Bo Gum’s last K-drama Record of Youth was back in 2020 (before undergoing military service). Last year, he was one of the cast members of the reality show Youth MT.

Meanwhile, IU’s last K-drama was Hotel del Luna in 2019. But the artist has had a fully booked schedule as she just finished starring and promoting the movie Broker (which competed for the Palme d'Or or the top prize at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival) and holding a concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. She also recently starred in the movie Dream opposite Park Seo Joon.

And if you’re wondering where you’ve seen Lee Jun Young before, he has appeared in multiple projects such as May I Help You alongside Lee Hyeri last year and D.P. in 2021.

You Have Done Well: release date

Stay tuned for the drama’s official trailer and release date in Singapore. The drama is currently being filmed, so it might be out towards the end of this year.

(Cover photos from: @dlwlrma, @bogummy)

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