Former (G)I-DLE Member Soojin's Solo Debut Launches Today

It’s been a long time coming

K-pop fans, former (G)I-DLE member Soojin (AKA Seo Soo-jin) is gearing up for her solo debut! The music video for her new song AGASSI as well as her EP will be out today.

(G)I-DLE member Soojin's solo debut

She's returning to the K-pop scene. (Photo from: @_seosootang)

Soojin's EP AGASSI: tracklist and release date

AGASSI (meaning "young lady" in Korean) is the title of Soojin's new EP. It will contain six full tracks, namely, Blooming, Sunflower, TyTy, SUNSET, bloodredroses, and the title track AGASSI. These will be released today, 8 November, at 6PM KST (or 5PM SGT) on all official music streaming platforms.

Soojin’s solo debut announcement

In 2021, the talented singer and dancer made headlines for her controversial exit from (G)I-DLE (a group known for catchy and chart-topping hits such as Queencard, TOMBOY, Nxde, and more). Soojin was accused of school bullying, and her former agency refuted the claims, but she still left without a formal explanation.

Now, fans who have missed her can look forward to a brand-new chapter ahead. Soojin has signed with a new label, BRD Communications. Back in October, despite the scarce details about her comeback, she has already taken over the top spot of Naver which is South Korea’s widely used search portal.

Soojin’s official Instagram account

Back in June, the star also launched her personal Instagram account, which got supportive and eagle-eyed fans anticipating her return to the industry. 

What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to her comeback? 

(Cover photo from: @_seosootang)

This article was first published on 16 October 2023. Last updated: 8 November 2023.

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