Get The Deets On ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 4

Will the tangled-up love lines be unravelled?

This article was first published on 1 December 2022. 

After Emily in Paris Season 3 premiered last 21 December and gave fans another cliffhanger, rest assured that Emily in Paris Season 4 is in the works.

Emily in Paris Season 4

What can we expect in the upcoming season? Creator and showrunner Darren Star teased several details about the show’s popular characters. We will see Emily (played by Lily Collins) and Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo) again as they work out the complicated issues between them. Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount) will also return as he is very much embedded in the lives of Emily and Gabriel. There’s a possibility that he would gain a new love interest.

Emily’s best friend, Mindy (played by Ashley Park) and her partner Benoit (played by Kevin Dias), will take a step forward to join the Eurovision song contest in France. 

As of writing, there’s no official release date yet, but since it takes around a year before the release of each new season, the fourth one may be released in December 2023. Stay tuned for more updates about Season 4.

Emily in Paris Seasons 1 to 3

The first season of Emily in Paris follows the story of a marketing executive named Emily (played by Lily Collins), who moved from Chicago to Paris after her company acquired a French luxury marketing company. In the second season, it sees Emily travelling from Paris to the French Riviera as she struggled with the “idiosyncrasies of French life.” 

In the third season, Emily finds herself at a crucial crossroads in every aspect of her life a year after moving from Chicago to Paris. Faced with two very different paths, she will have to decide where her loyalties lie (both at work and in her romantic life). She will be finding out what those decisions mean for her future in France while continuing to immerse herself in the adventures and surprising twists and turns that life in Paris provides.

Emily in Paris Season 3 trailer and release date

Emily in Paris Season 3 is now available on Netflix. Stream it here.

Emily in Paris renewed for seasons 3 and 4 announcement

The announcement was revealed on the series’ Instagram page @emilyinparis. The series published an Instagram video that opened with the title “New Year, New Beginnings” and it recapped highlights from the second season. Its main cast members, Lily Collins and Ashley Park, also revealed the news on their respective Instagram profiles and thanked viewers for their support. 

Emily in Paris is created by American writer, director and producer Darren Star, who is also the man behind popular television series including Beverly Hills, Melrose Place, Sex and the City and Younger. The series was nominated for two Emmy Awards in 2021 for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Production Design For A Narrative Programme.

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